Progressive Calendar 07.11.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 05:50:25 -0700 (PDT)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R      07.11.06

1. Jam with Cam          7.11 9:30am
2. NV communication      7.11 10am
3. Medicare D disaster   7.11 11am
4. Solar cities          7.11 2pm
5. SPNN/Coke/Pepsi       7.11 5pm
6. Social investing      7.11 6pm
7. Salon/Donald Hall     7.11 6:30pm
8. GPSP ecology/ballot   7.11 6:30pm
9. mn911                 7.11 7pm
10. DFL hacks v Ellison  7.11 7:30pm

11. RamseyCo fair/parade 7.12-7.16 5pm
12. Organic farming      7.12 6pm
13. Yuk stadium ish pew  7.12 7pm
14. Mexicanless day/film 7.12 7pm
15. Iran/women/book      7.12 7:30pm
16. Colombia             7.12 8pm
17. Woody Guthrie/TV     7.12 9pm

18. Michael Cavlan - Minnesota Green Party needs your help now
19. Green Party MN - Ballot access petitioning
20. John Kolstad   - Kolstad CANpaign
21. Farheen        - Volunteer for Farheen
22. Don Irish      - The US and Iran: single or double standard?
23. Laskoff et al  - Bush is not incompetent

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From: Cam Gordon <CamGordon333 [at]>
Subject: Jam with Cam 7.11 9:30am

Cam Gordon, Council Member, Second Ward 612-673-2202 (w) 612-296-0579 (c)

Office Hours: every Tuesday morning in the Second Ward 9:30-11am.
The locations will rotate as follows, so that I can meet with residents in
their own neighborhoods:

Second Tuesdays:
Prospect Park / East River Road neighborhood
Pratt School, 66 Malcolm Ave SE

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: NV communication 7.11 10am

7/11 to 8/29, Tuesdays 10 am to noon, basic training in Nonviolent
Communication, sliding scale up to $180, 3248 - 15th Ave S, Mpls.
margaritaemac [at] or 612-729-1699

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From: joel albers <joel [at]>
Subject: Medicare D disaster 7.11 11am

Fix the Medicare Part D Disaster
Close the Doughnut Hole!
Join Americans United on July 11th to send Congress a Strong Message:
Eliminate the Doughnut Hole Now!!

Over 6 million Americans enrolled in Part D will fall into this coverage
gap. Once the total medication costs have exceeded $2,250, senior citizens
and disabled persons must pay for their medicine completely out of pocket,
while still paying a monthly premium. Individuals can only escape the
doughnut hole if their total drug costs exceed $5,100. Only Congress can
fix this misguided and harmful provision.

Tell Congress to Close the Doughnut Hole
Tuesday, July 11 at 11am
Schneider's Pharmacy, 3400 University Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(Across from KSTP)

Will you share your personal story at this event?
Will you help put a human face on the Medicare Part D Disaster?

If so, please contact Donald McFarland at 651-308-8098

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Solar cities 7.11 2pm

Please join a group of Community Development and Environmental Advocates
For a Community Discussion on Sustainable Community Development and
Environmental Justice in Minnesota

Invited guests Dr. John Byrne and Dr. Jong Dal Kim

Drs. Byrne and Kim are founding members of Solar Cities - a pioneering
program sponsored by the International Solar Energy Society to assist
communities around the world in building sustainable and equitable

They both have served as consultants to cities, states and the federal
government on how plan for sustainable communities and have assisted in
the implementation of several urban initiatives including a survey of
twelve U.S. communities who are providing leadership in areas such as land
use, water resource, energy, transportation, materials recycling,
biodiversity and "green" economic planning, in order to restore a balance
and equity among social, economic and ecological concerns.

July 11
Neighborhood House, Room 212
179 East Robie Street, Saint Paul
Contact martinezceci [at] for more information

 How can the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota pursue sustainable
community development?
 What are other cities doing to implement Sustainable and equitable
Community Development initiatives?
 How does our region compare to Sustainable Community Development efforts
 What should Minnesota policy makers be doing to promote social equity,
environmental justice, a prosperous economy and a healthy environment for
future generations of Minnesotans?

Sustainable Community Development
         * Social Equity
         * Energy Sustainability
         * Safe and Healthy Environments
         * Economic Prosperity and
         * Business Development
         * Environmental Justice

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From: Eric Angell <eric-angell [at]>
Subject: SPNN/Coke/Pepsi 7.11 5pm

Dear St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) viewers:

While we still have public access tv (see: for the
reference), select SPNN Channel 15 for "Our World In Depth/Our World
Today".  Show times are 5 pm and midnight on Tuesday evenings and 10 am on
Wednesday mornings.

"Our World In Depth/Our World Today" features analysis of public affairs
with consideration of and participation from Twin Cities area activists.
The show is local and not corporately influenced (get it while you can!).

7/11 and 7/12 "Coke and Pepsi: Hard Questions for Soft Drinks" w/Sanat
Mohanty from India and Gerardo Cajamarca (Merideth Cleary interpreting)
from Columbia.

All shows are hosted by Eric Angell.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Social investing 7.11 6pm

Socially Responsible Investing Workshop
From Lakewinds Natural Foods Co-op:

Join us for a free introduction to the world of socially responsible
investment. While our instructors come from well-known financial
institutions, their presentation is strictly educational, and not sales
related. Come see how caring, careful investment can help change the world
for the better!

Tues, July 11, 6:00-7:30 pm at Lakewinds Natural Foods Classroom, 17515
Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka (just two doors west of the grocery store)

Free (preregistration required), 952-473-0292 or

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From: Patty Guerrero <pattypax [at]>
Subject: Salon/Donald Hall 7.11 6:30pm

This Tuesday, July 11 will be poetry night.  Please bring the poems of the
new Poet Laureate, Donald Hall.  He replaces Ted Kooser, the poet we read
a couple months ago and we ended up calling him at his home.  Anyone know
Donald's phone number?

Pax Salons ( ) are held (unless otherwise
noted in advance): Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Mad Hatter's Tea House, 943
W 7th, St Paul, MN

Salons are free but donations encouraged for program and treats.
Call 651-227-3228 or 651-227-2511 for information.

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From: Krisrose02 [at]
Subject: GPSP ecology/ballot 7.11 6:30pm

The Green Party of St. Paul Ecology Committee will have a special meeting
tomorrow 7/11/06.

Our goal will be to collect signatures to get Eco conscious Greens Party
Candidates on the ballot this November.

Please meet at the Green Party of Minnesota office at 6:30pm.  Blank
petitions will be provided and we will disperse from there to gather
signatures in the area.

The GPMN office is located at 621 West Lake Street # 205,  Mpls, MN 55408

In service to the Earth, Kristen Olson 651-210-0789

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From: altera vista <alteravista [at]>
Subject: mn911 7.11 7pm

We'll meet this Tuesday, July 11, at 7 pm at Cahoots.  On agenda will be
report on video showings, discussion on what's new in 911 truth movement,
breaking MN911 into planning group and discussion group, and exploring
having an event in September.  Leslie

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From John Kolstad jkolstad [at]
Subject: DFL hacks v Ellison 7.11 7:30pm

Political Salon at Tom's Schneider Drug, located at University Ave SE
and Bedford (across from KSTP TV - huge tower).  Tom will host Keith
Ellison, the DFL-endorsed candidate for 5th District Congress.

A number of old line Corporate Liberals have entered the race to challenge
the DFL endorsement, two of which have big money behind them.  One is the
former chair of the DFL Party - now there is loyalty.  It should be an
interesting discussion.  Come and see what actually happens when the DFL
endorses a progressive, courageous candidate.  Money doesn't talk, it
smears.  Fox News will be following Keith Ellison around that day and will
also be there.

Starts 7:30pm Get there early to get a seat and sign Papa John Kolstad's
ballot petition. --John Kolstad

[How progressive is Ellison? Jay Pond is running as a Green for the same
seat as Keith Ellison. Mainly DFL Jordan Kushner comments:

Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 07:03:58 -0500
From: Jordan S. Kushner <kushn002 [at]>
Subject: Pond v Ellison

I can see two areas where Jay could distinguish himself from Keith:

1) Even though Keith is politically impressive, he is not only
representing a party that is predominantly part of the status quo, but he
also specifically uses his credibility to support bad candidates.  Most
notably, he has actively supported Amy Klobuchar who refuses to support
any timetable for troop withdrawal, and does not otherwise seem to have a
worthwhile position on almost any key issue.  It is an example of needing
a good party rather than just a good candidate to effect meaningful

2) At this time, Keith has pretty much sold out on Israel-Palestine.  Jay
could raise this important area of grave injustice where most progressive
are hypocrites or just ignore it.

On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, Tom Cleland wrote:

I hadn't heard about Israel-Palestine. Also, I don't see anything on
Ellison's site about single payer.

[So: bad or dubious on Klobuchar, Iraq, Israel, and single payer, Ellison
is still too progressive for the DFL party establishment (hacks). Your
editor supports Jay Pond, Green Party, a true progressive voice/choice.]

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From: Krisrose02 [at]
Subject: RamseyCo fair/parade 7.12-7.16 5pm

The Ramsey County Fair and Parade -- July 12-16

The Ramsey County Fair and Parade: This is a fun and well attended event,
the busiest days are likely Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday.
The St. Paul Greens are sponsoring a booth there from Wednesday the 12th
through Sunday the 16th. Greens are needed, welcome, and encouraged to
spend some time at the booth collecting signatures for ballot access for
our Green Party Candidates, and meeting fair goers!

Corner of Frost &  White Bear Avenue  Maplewood  MN  55109
(see directions below for Aldrich  Arena)

Fair Hours
Wednesday 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Thursday 5:00  p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Friday12:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Saturday12:00 p.m. - 12:00  a.m.
Sunday12:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

I believe the booth will be shutting down at 9 pm on the above days --
from my recollection last year. The booth is located inside the larger
exhibitors building on the fairgrounds.

The  PARADE is Thursday, July 13, 2006 7:00 pm

You can park at Aldrich  Arena
>From Mpls:
Take 35W North to Hwy 36 going East
Take White Bear  Ave. Exit, go 1 mile.
Aldrich is on the left

>From St. Paul:
Take  35E North to Hwy 36 going East
Take White Bear Ave. Exit, go 1 mile.
Aldrich is on the left

Shuttles will be leaving Aldrich Arena up until 6:40 pm, taking parade
contingents to the starting points. Aldrich is the end point of the
parade, so you will end up at your vehicle, and at the Ramsey County
Fairgrounds (be sure to stop by the Green Party Booth).

We line up on Hawthorne Street, between White Bear Avenue & Hazel. Our
Unit number is HA-94. There will be signs on the road indicating where our
contingency should be located. We need to be lined up and ready to go by
6:40pm. I recommend taking the shuttle from Aldrich to the starting point.
There will be a gathering of parade marchers (and your vehicle) at the end
of the parade.

Please give me a call to let me know you can be present to march in the
parade, or man the Green Party Booth at any time during the fair (We
especially need folks for Saturday), or if you have any questions.

Kristen Olson 651-210-0789

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From: Jacquelyn Zita <zitax001 [at]>
Subject: Organic farming 7.12 6pm

Wednesday July 12: Atina Diffley from Gardens of Eagan will be speaking at
the WEI Organic Farm School class at Amazon Bookstore (Mpls, 48th and
Chicago) 6-8pm. Everyone welcome.

Come hear Atina Diffley of Gardens of Eagan talk about the practices and
philosophies, both general and specific, that make this outstanding
organic operation one of the highlights of organic farming in Minnesota.
In addition, learn about the Minnesota Pipe Line Company case now before
the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. The Diffley's are challenging
not only the route for the crude oil pipeline across their certified
organic farm, but the practices that are used in deciding where to put
pipelines and how they should be constructed and maintained.

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From: Ron Holch <rrholch [at]>
Subject: Yuk stadium ish pew 7.12 7pm

Taxpayers for an Anoka County Stadium Referendum
Wednesday July 12, at   7:00 PM

Centennial Branch Anoka County Libraries
100 Civic Heights Circle, Circle Pines

THE 2006 LEGISLATIVE SESSION IS OVER.  The Twins Stadium has been decided
on by the legislators.  We may be next.  No matter where you live in
Minnesota, If you haven't already done so please write your
representatives and tell them we do not need to waste more money on
stadium giveaways to Billionaires.  Please continue to tell them we want a
vote as required by state law for any tax increase to pay for a stadium.
Write letters to your local paper too.  If you have done these things once
already do it again. The time is now.  Remind them that the election is
only four months away.

What can you do right now to keep a referendum on stadium taxes?
What can we do about November Elections?
Website update
MN Data Practices Act Request to Anoka County
Any Questions, comments contact me at: Ron Holch rrholch [at]
<mailto:rrholch [at]>

[May Pohlad, his undeserving heirs, his whitewashing foundation, and his
whole manipulating exploiting class, rot in hell. Let us never forget or
forgive this carefully engineered highway robbery. And may all legislators
who voted Bucks for Billionaires be joyously booted into the middle of the
nineteenth century where they belong. -ed]

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Mexicanless day/film 7.12 7pm

Wednesdays, June 14-August 2, 2006
7-11 PM, Films At Dusk
Stevens Square Park 1801 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis, MN

All events are located in Stevens Square Park and are free and open to
the public. Programs begin at 7 PM, films at dusk. Stevens Square Park
is located at 1801 Stevens Ave in Minneapolis. Call 612-879-0200 or
visit for more information.

July 12, 2006
Who are Our Vecinos?
Resource Center of the Americas sponsors an evening celebrating the
culture of our Latino neighbors through music, dancing, film, dialogue
and food. The Resource Center of the Americas informs, educates and
organizes to promote human rights, democratic participation, economic
justice and cross-cultural understanding in the context of globalization
in the Americas.
Film: A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN by director Sergio Arau
How do you make the invisible visible? You take it away. One day,
California wakes up and not a single Latino is left in the state. They
have all inexplicably disappeared, chaos, tragedy and comedy quickly
ensue. This film aims to open the dialogue on the issue of immigration
by including factual information and alternative views.

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From: Sarah Caflisch <scaflisch [at]>
Subject: Iran/women/book 7.12 7:30pm

Wednesday, July 12, 7:30 p.m.
Let Me Tell You Where I've Been: New Writing by Women of the Iranian

Featuring editor Persis M. Karim

Until recently, Iranian literature had overwhelmingly been the domain of
men. But things have changed. The new hybrid culture of Iranian Americans
has given way to a uniquely feminine literary voice. Let Me Tell You Where
I've Been is an extensive collection of the poetry, fiction, and
nonfiction of women whose lives have been shaped by history, exile, and
immigration. They represent an emerging multicultural generation of female
sensibility and eloquence. You will not find flat predictable images here.
Rather, these women write beyond the boundaries of place and instead
inhabit a space somewhere between language and literature.

Featuring over one hundred selections (two-thirds of which have never been
published before) from over fifty contributors - including such well-known
writers as Gelareh Asayesh, Tara Bahrampour, Firoozeh Dumas, and Roya
Hakakian - the collection represents a substantial cross section of this
unique multicultural community. Divided into six parts, the book's themes
of exile, family, resistance, love, and gender come together in the end.
They create a conversation about Iran, Iranian culture, the Persian and
English languages and the dual identities of its authors as represented
and expressed in the West. Readers can share in the discovery of the
wisdom and beauty of these women and simultaneously witness them
harnessing a power that is unmistakably their own

The diversity of voices represented in this stunning collection of poetry,
fiction and nonfiction by women of Iranian descent shatters their narrow
image in the U.S. Though none are well known, most of the 53 authors live
in the U.S. and 15 have been published in journals if not books. One
writes about a woman's relationship with her chador. Another remembers her
desire, as a young girl, to distance herself from the "old-world values"
espoused by her parents. A woman who sought refuge in Germany conveys the
longing she felt to return to her birthplace by detailing a market scene
and how the taste of raw walnuts made her feel at home again. Like other
emigres, the women who fled Iran after the 1979 revolution have continued
to feel strong ties with their homeland. Many of those now living in the
U.S., Canada or the U.K. have grappled with such feelings in an era when
cars in the U.S. were emblazoned with bumper stickers reading "Iranians Go
Home" and "We Play Cowboys and Iranians." Though many contributions avoid
politics, several writers illustrate heartbreaking incidents of
stereotyping that reveal the struggle of facing pervasive social
suspicion. Touching on universal themes of love and loss, exile and
longing, politics and war, this collection derives its cumulative power
from its authors' subtle, uniquely female perceptions. --Publishers Weekly

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Colombia  7.12 8pm

Wednesday, 7/12, 8 pm to close, Antiwar Committee salsa send-off for
Colombia delegation, $6 cover, La Bodega, corner Lake and Lyndale, Mpls.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Woody Guthrie/TV 7.12 9pm

American Masters/ Woody Guthrie: Ain't Got No Home
tpt2 Wednesday, July 12 at 9PM
tpt17 Thursday, July 13 at 8PM

With rustic charm, a sharp eye and a deep need to help the downtrodden,
Woody Guthrie ushered in a new kind of American music in the middle years
of the 20th century. His complex personal story and rich legacy are
explored in this program. More Arts programs.

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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 17:24:52 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
From: Michael Cavlan greenpartymike <ollamhfaery [at]>
Subject: Minnesota Green Party Needs Your Help Now


We need your help now. The Green Party of Minnesota is currently running a
number of candidates who are collecting signatures to get on the ballot
for the 2006 election.

While all the campaigns have people out collecting the needed signatures
for the past six days, it is my understanding that none of us have reached
the halfway point yet. This means that we have only eight days left to
collect the needed signatures. So please, we need your help now, so that
the Green Party message and vision cann be included in this next election
cycle. For the record for those concerned that we may be shut out of the
debates, let me assure you. Our campaign for United States Senate is
already invited to the first major debate at the Humphrey Institute Sept
13th, so we are not being shut out.

But for our most valuable Green message to get out there, we need to be on
the ballot.

So go now, get some signature sheets, fill them out, get your friends and
allies to fill them out. Get out there to public places and get people to
sign them. It has been our experience that many are only too willing to
sign the petition, we just need people to get out there and collect them.

Places and contacts for petition sheets.

Mill City Records
Right beside Blue Moon Coffee Shop
Corner of 39th Ave and East Lake St.

Mark O'Melia

Green Party Headquarters
Corner of West Lake St and Lyndale
(phone is not operable so not trustworthy access at this moment)

If unable to contact any other location, please feel free to contact my
cell # Michael Cavlan (612)327-6902

Do it now. Do not think to yourself, oh someone else is doing it, so I
don't need to.  If you want us on the ballot and in the debates then the
time is now. We now have eight days left and the clock is ticking.

Thank you all out there working for democracy.

-Michael Cavlan - Green Party endorsed for US Senate

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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 23:44:27 -0500
From: Green Party of Minnesota <Info [at]>
Subject: Ballot Access Petitioning


More help is needed in collecting signatures for the Green Party of MN
candidates.  If you do not yet have a copy of the nominating petitions for
our great slate of candidates, please go to the website
and download one or all of the petitions (ON LEGAL SIZE PAPER ONLY)  to
help collect signatures to allow our candidates to be placed on the
November ballot and promote our form of democracy.  Signers of the
petition must be 18 years or older, a MN resident and eligible voter (they
do not need to be registered to vote).

Number of valid signatures required:
Ken Pentel/Danene Provencher - Gov/Lt.Gov -----2000
Michael Cavlan - US Senate------2000
Dave Berger - MN Auditor-------2000
Papa John Kolstad--------2000
Jay Pond- US Congress, Dist 5-----1000
Wade Hannon-US Congress, Dist 7-----1000
Julie Risser, MN Senate, Dist 41------500  (Julie has reached 500 but may need
more for a cushion)
Jesse Mortenson, MN House, Dist 64A------500

FFI contact Kristen Olson at krisrose02 [at] or 651-210-0789

Green Party of Minnesota 612-871-4585 Info [at]

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From: John Kolstad jkolstad [at]
Subject: Kolstad CANpaign

To anyone who believes in democracy:  Since Secretary of State Kiffmeyer
has made it extremely difficult to get on the ballot - she like most
Republicans wants to stifle democracy - and since of course the Democrats
are silent or help them, we have a place that people can drop by who want
to see Green Party Candidates on the ballot.

We have petitions for Papa John Kolstad, Attorney General;  Ken Pentel,
Governor;  Michael Cavlin, US Senate;  Dave Berger, Auditor;  and Jay
Pond, 5th District Congress.

We have less than 2 weeks to get 2000 signatures that will with stand the
challenges of SoS Kiffmeyer and the DFL Party.

Come by 3820 East Lake Street, two doors West of the Blue Moon Coffee Cafe
(39th Ave S & E Lake). Stop by the Blue Moon for a coffee or snack and
then come over and sign a petition or 5. The Blue Moon can use your
business because the construction (destruction) of East Lake has kept
people away. Also consider holding a meeting there (at the Blue Moon),
this nice small business needs your support. Parking is easy and free.

Located 8 blocks west of the Marshall Lake Street Bridge on the North side
of Lake Street.

Bring a CANtribution! Papa John Kolstad is not only accepting the normal
campaign contributions (cash, checks and solid gold blocks, and sure fire
stock tips) but is also accepting aluminum cans. They call it the CANpaign
for a CAN-do guy. Truly different from those CANtankerous politicians that
crammed a $1.1 billion tax bill down the throats of Hennepin County
citizens to build a $522 million business building for the richest guy in
the state, who will pay not one dime of property tax on his business
building. So do what you CAN to help this CANdidate. If you CAN bring the
CANs in a bag, it would be appreciated. If aluminum CANs is not your
thing, you can conrtribute the old fashion way. Make checks out to "Papa
John Kolstad for Attorney General". We'll recycle it for you.

PS. Pick up a free, full color Mill City Music Catalog - Free!

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From: F. H. <hijabicycle [at]>
Subject: Volunteer for Farheen

Last Wednesday, I filed my candidacy for County Commissioner office.  The
next day, Peter McLaughlin sent an email to his supporters with this in
it, "This is an election year and I am excited to have a healthy
discussion about Hennepin County's future. My opponent filed to run
yesterday and I need your help to get my message out to the electorate."

Looks like the people in power know that I am running a serious campaign.

This is where I need your help.

PLEASE help in doorknocking - this is the cheapest yet the most effective
way of winning this election.  Right now there are teams of two.  We need
at least 5 people per night doorknocking.

Commit to 5 hours a month.  Seriously, this is how we can beat the
corporate powers.

Check out for doorknocking times and places.

Help spread the word about the fundraiser!

Reply to this e-mail to recieve a flier to our fundraising event July 21st
at Walker Church (3104 16th Ave. S.) from 6PM - 9PM.  Come help set up and
ask friends and family to join us for a delicious dinner.

Volunteer! There are still important roles that you can play in the main
campaign team, and we really need you to step up to the plate.

I hope too see you out and about the next couple weeks volunteering for
the campaign.


       Volunteer Events:  Festival of Neighborhood Celebration - Join
Farheen as we celebrate in our parks.  Times and dates are as follows:

   July 17th Peavey park 6PM-8PM 730 E 22nd St Minneapolis, MN 55404
   July 18th McRae park 6PM-8PM 906 E 47th St Minneapolis, MN 55407
   July 20th Bossen park 6PM-8PM 5657 28th Ave. S.

  Fundraising Event - South Asian Feast Support to change the County board
by bringing a Fresh Voice!  Friday, July 21st
 WALKER CHURCH - 3104 16th Ave. S.
 (Corner of 31st Street and 16th Avenue South, Minneapolis)
  Suggested donation of $20 or send contributions to:
 Neighbors United for Farheen Hakeem
 P.O. Box 6419, Minneapolis, MN 55406
  South Side Family Festival Saturday, July 22, 2006 10AM-6PM at
Green Central Elementary School (3416 4th Ave. S. Mpls 55408).
  Dedicate a couple of hours to register people to vote and to meet
  Doorknocking:  We are doorknocking everynight from 6:30PM-9PM and on
Saturday and Sunday
 10AM-12PM and 1PM-3PM.  This has been extremely effective, and it is the
 best way to get out the vote. Contact DJ Strohl for more info:
djstrohl [at]
  Dates and Times are as follow:

   7/11 Tuesday 6:30PM meet at Riverview Cafe
   7/12 Wednesday 6:30PM meet at Riverview Cafe
   7/13 Thursday 6:30PM meet at Riverview Cafe
   7/15 Saturday 10AM & 1PM meet at FireRoast Cafe 3619 E. 38th St, Mpls, MN
   7/16 Sunday 10AM & 1PM meet at FireRoast Cafe
   7/17 Monday 6:30PM meet at 2nd Moon Cafe 2225 East Franklin Ave.
   7/18 Tuesday 6:30PM meet at 2nd Moon Cafe
   7/19 Wednesday 6:30PM meet at 2nd Moon Cafe
   7/20 Thrusday 6:30PM meet at 2nd Moon Cafe
   7/22 Saturday 10AM & 1PM meet at Dunn Bros. 4648 East Lake Street, Mpls, MN
   7/23 Sunday 10AM & 1PM meet at Dunn Bros.
   7/24 Monday 6:30PM meet at Blue Moon 3822 E Lake St, Mpls, MN
   7/25 Tuesday 6:30PM meet at Blue Moon
   7/26 Wednesday 6:30PM meet at Blue Moon
   7/27 Thursday 6:30PM meet at Blue Moon
   7/28 Friday 6:30PM meet at Blue Moon
   7/29 Saturday 10AM & 1PM meet at Birchwood Cafe 3311 East 25th Street, Mpls, 
   7/30 Sunday 10AM & 1PM meet at Birchwood Cafe

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The United States and Iran: Single or Double Standard?
by Don Irish
[Don Irish retired as a professor of sociology, anthropology, and Latin
American studies from Hamline University. He lives in Minneapolis.]

There is a country with a President who vociferantly calls another nation
evil and dangerous! This country has signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation
Treaty and may be charged by other nations as violating that agreement.
Further, that nation contends that whatever it does with regard to nuclear
development is for "peaceful purposes." Might these statements refer to
Iran currently? Yes. However, they *also* apply to our "good ole USA"!

First, some official facts. The Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty was first
signed on July 1, 1968 by the Soviet Union, United Kingdom, United States,
and 59 other nations. The Treaty became effective in 1970, to remain so
for 25 years. During that period France and China, the two other "major
nuclear powers," ratified the treaty, along with others. In 1995, by a
unanimous vote of 174 nations, the Treaty was extended indefinitely.

What obligations are indicated for each of the *non-nuclear* countries,
the vast majority? Article II of the Treaty states:

     "Each non-nuclear State Party to the Treaty undertakes not to receive
the transfer from a transferor whatsoever of nuclear weapons or other
nuclear explosive devices or of control over such weapons or explosive
weapons directly or indirectly: not to manufacture or otherwise acquire
nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices; and not to seek or
receive any assistance in the manufacture of nuclear weapons or other
nuclear explosive devices." [Note: The United States recently conducted an
"end-run" around the United Nations and the treaty by arranging a nuclear
"deal" with India.  We also "wink" at our "ally" Israel, that quite
certainly has nuclear weapons, though not a signator of the treaty. Too,
we have "tolerated" Pakistan's quiet role in spreading nuclear
weaponry-related materials.]

And what are the obligations of *nuclear powers* who signed the treaty?
Article VI of the treaty states:

     "Each of the Parties to the Treaty undertakes to pursue negotiations
in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear
arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament and on a treaty on
general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international

Next, what *legal* weight and authority does the Treaty have for the
United States of America, as a nuclear power signator? Do we have an
obligation to obey international laws? Article VI of the U.S. Constitution
states, in the relevant portion:

     " . . . This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which
shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall
be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the SUPREME
LAW OF THE LAND.  . . . (author's capitalization)."

Whether our President is sufficiently cognizant of our legal obligations
to obey the stipulations of the Treaty we ratified is uncertain. Surely,
our highly educated, very intelligent Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice,
other high officials in the Executive branch, and key members of the House
and Senate Foreign Relations Committees must know the essence of the
Treaty's stipulations! (Presumably they know that the Treaty has *more*
than Article II!) The best informed media staff of the print and
electronic press should be aware of, and bring attention to, the
obligations of nuclear and non-nuclear powers! However, rarely have the
entire sets of mutual obligations been reported to the American public.
Thus, a majority of our citizenry is left ignorant of *our* obligations in
the Treaty. (The silence is so "loud" that one wonders if there is a
governmental admonition to the media - and officialdom - *not* to inform
our citizenry, or self-censorship on a grand scale.  Amy Goodman is a rare

Thus, as a consequence, public opinion in our nation is being manipulated
to believe a very one-sided policy that only the *non*-nuclear powers must
satisfy the Treaty obligations. (In any "contract" legally viable, *both*
- or all - the parties to the pact must satisfy their full obligations.)
Regarding the US double-standard, *they* (opponent) must obey the
regulations, but *we* need not do so! As a result now, one may contend
that the US lacks any legal or moral leverage over Iran (or North Korea
*et al*) *unless* it proceeds to implement Treaty Article VI. (In
relations with many nations, the US has operated with double standards on
diverse issues, losing the respect of our "friends" and antagonizing our

*If* we promptly in good faith began to implement Article VI of the
Treaty, other nations less powerful would then have no valid reason for
seeking to gain or maintain nuclear arms, and the international community
together could have the solid support needed to move toward a disarmed
world. Of course, the "neo-cons" behind our current policies, who want
America to dominate the world economically and militarily (even in space)
and to "tolerate no rivals," would strongly resist such a major reversal
of long-standing policies pursued by previous administrations of both
major parties. (A "king on the hill" and imperial power doesn't "step
down" readily of its own volition.  Great domestic and international
political pressure will need to arise and be applied. Congress needs to
force the issues in changing our national priorities. The elections of
2006 and 2008 will be crucial in bringing about such changes.) At present
about 50% of the Congressional "discretionary budget" is designated for
war-related endeavors. (Hawaii and Alaska were the 49th and 50th states
added to the Union. Our present policies will make the 51st State to be a
"*state* of perpetual war!"  On June 13, 2006, the United States
"reasserted its right to develop weapons for use in outer space . . . and
ruled out any global negotiations on a new treaty to limit them. . . . (a)
'senior State Department arms control official' insisted that such weapon
systems would be purely defensive."

Believable?  He "saw no need for negotiations to prevent an arms race in
space as a 40 year old international treaty banning weapons of mass
destruction in space remains adequate." [We haven't abided by the
*current* treaty! The US has not ratified the test ban treaty, and in 2002
it withdrew from the 1972 Anti-ballistic Treaty. (Stephanie Nebehay,
Reuters, June 13, 2006, "US insists on right to develop arms for outer

In a review of _House of War_, by James Caroll (son of a top Pentagon
official), John freeman (_Star Tribune_, May 28, 2006) alluded to the
"frenzied cycle" that is ongoing, "in which money feeds on fear which
feeds on power which feeds on violence which feeds on a skewed idea of
honor which feeds on demonization of an enemy which feeds on fear which
feeds on ever more money." (Our administration fosters public fears of
North Korea because it presumably has intercontinental missiles.  Don't
*we* have many intercontinental missiles, some on "alert"?  And we are the
only nation that has utilized nuclear weaponry! Double-standard again.)

Hans Blix, former chief weapons inspector (and IAEA head) chaired a study
group, financed by Sweden: and its report was delivered to Secretary
General Kofi Annan. Blix said (_New York Times_, June 1, 2006) that
"American unwillingness to cooperate in international arms agreements was
undermining efforts to curb nuclear weapons. . . . If it [Washington] does
not take the lead, there could be more nuclear tests and new nuclear arms
races." The report concluded: "treaty-based disarmament was being set back
by an increased U.S. skepticism regarding the effectiveness of
international institutions and instruments, coupled with a drive for
freedom of action to maintain an absolute global superiority in weaponry
and means of their delivery."

Fellow citizens: Our beloved nation may be the world's greatest problem!
We need to stop the upward-tilting war-making treadmill and get off!  By
being the New Romans, an empire, we are losing our democracy
bit-by-bit-by-bit.  Bob Herbert (_New York Times_ column, May 15, 2006)
contended that:

    "our leaders seek to keep Americans in a perpetual state of fear . . .
that they then will not object to the steady erosion of their rights and
liberties, and will not notice the many ways their fear is being
manipulated to feed an unconscionable expansion of presidential power . .
.  Hallmarks of totalitarian regimes have always included an excessive
reliance on secrecy, the deliberate stoking of fear in the general
population, a preference for military rather than diplomatic solutions in
foreign policy, the promotion of blind patriotism, the denial of human
rights, the curtailment of the rule of law, hostility to a free press and
the systematic invasion of the privacy of ordinary people."  [Familiar?]

After World War II, many of us Americans asked, "Didn't the Germans know?"
Now, we need to ask, "Aren't the Americans aware?", the concern that the
rest of humanity (on this globe swirling in space that we all share) is
also wondering.  Our children and grandchildren will hold us responsible
if the world's resources are ruined, global warming is not responded to
seriously/urgently, and the path to a violent *human*-created Armageddon
leads all of us to catastrophe.  All life can then end with a bang and a
whimper!  We have the knowledge.  Do we have the will?  A better world is
still possible!

--------23 of 23--------

by George Lakoff, Marc Ettlinger and Sam Ferguson
(c)The Rockridge Institute, 2006 (We invite the free distribution of
this piece)

Progressives have fallen into a trap. Emboldened by President Bush's
plummeting approval ratings, progressives increasingly point to Bush's
"failures" and label him and his administration as incompetent. For
example, Nancy Pelosi said "The situation in Iraq and the reckless
economic policies in the United States speak to one issue for me, and that
is the competence of our leader." Self-satisfying as this criticism may
be, it misses the bigger point. Bush's disasters - Katrina, the Iraq War,
the budget deficit - are not so much a testament to his incompetence or a
failure of execution. Rather, they are the natural, even inevitable result
of his conservative governing philosophy. It is conservatism itself,
carried out according to plan, that is at fault. Bush will not be running
again, but other conservatives will. His governing philosophy is theirs as
well. We should be putting the onus where it belongs, on all conservative
office holders and candidates who would lead us off the same cliff.

To Bush's base, his bumbling folksiness is part of his charm - it fosters
conservative populism. Bush plays up this image by proudly stating his
lack of interest in reading and current events, his fondness for naps and
vacations and his self-deprecating jokes. This image causes the opposition
to underestimate his capacities - disregarding him as a complete idiot -
and deflects criticism of his conservative allies. If incompetence is the
problem, it's all about Bush. But, if conservatism is the problem, it is
about a set of ideas, a movement and its many adherents.

The idea that Bush is incompetent is a curious one. Consider the following
(incomplete) list of major initiatives the Bush administration, with a
loyal conservative Congress, has accomplished:

 * Centralizing power within the executive branch to an unprecedented

 * Starting two major wars, one started with questionable intelligence and
in a manner with which the military disagreed

 * Placing on the Supreme Court two far-right justices, and stacking the
lower federal courts with many more

 * Cutting taxes during wartime, an unprecedented event

 * Passing a number of controversial bills such as the PATRIOT Act, the No
Child Left Behind Act, the Medicare Drug bill, the Bankruptcy bill and a
number of massive tax cuts

 * Rolling back and refusing to enforce a host of basic regulatory

 * Appointing industry officials to oversee regulatory agencies

 * Establishing a greater role for religion through faith-based

 * Passing Orwellian-titled legislation assaulting the environment - "The
Healthy Forests Act" and the "Clear Skies Initiative" - to deforest public
lands, and put more pollution in our skies

 * Winning re-election and solidifying his party's grip on Congress

These aren't signs of incompetence. As should be painfully clear, the Bush
administration has been overwhelmingly competent in advancing its
conservative vision. It has been all too effective in achieving its goals
by determinedly pursuing a conservative philosophy.

It's not Bush the man who has been so harmful, it's the conservative

                    *The Conservative Agenda*

Conservative philosophy has three fundamental tenets: individual
initiative, that is, government's positive role in people's lives outside
of the military and police should be minimized; the President is the moral
authority; and free markets are enough to foster freedom and opportunity.

The conservative vision for government is to shrink it - to "starve the
beast" in Conservative Grover Norquist's words. The conservative tagline
for this rationale is that "you can spend your money better than the
government can." Social programs are considered unnecessary or
"discretionary" since the primary role of government is to defend the
country's border and police its interior. Stewardship of the commons, such
as allocation of healthcare or energy policy, is left to people's own
initiative within the free market. Where profits cannot be made -
conservation, healthcare for the poor - charity is meant to replace
justice and the government should not be involved.

Given this philosophy, then, is it any wonder that the government wasn't
there for the residents of Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina? Conservative philosophy places emphasis on the
individual acting alone, independent of anything the government could
provide. Some conservative Sunday morning talk show guests suggested that
those who chose to live in New Orleans accepted the risk of a devastating
hurricane, the implication being that they thus forfeited any entitlement
to government assistance. If the people of New Orleans suffered, it was
because of their own actions, their own choices and their own lack of
preparedness. Bush couldn't have failed if he bore no responsibility.

The response to Hurricane Katrina - rather, the lack of response - was
what one should expect from a philosophy that espouses that the government
can have no positive role in its citizen's lives. This response was not
about Bush's incompetence, it was a conservative, shrink-government
response to a natural disaster.

Another failure of this administration during the Katrina fiasco was its
wholesale disregard of the numerous and serious hurricane warnings. But
this failure was a natural outgrowth of the conservative insistence on
denying the validity of global warming, not ineptitude. Conservatives
continue to deny the validity of global warming, because it runs contrary
to their moral system. Recognizing global warming would call for
environmental regulation and governmental efforts to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions. Regulation is a perceived interference with the free-market,
Conservatives' golden calf. So, the predictions of imminent hurricanes -
based on recognizing global warming - were not heeded. Conservative free
market convictions trumped the hurricane warnings.

Our budget deficit is not the result of incompetent fiscal management. It
too is an outgrowth of conservative philosophy. What better way than
massive deficits to rid social programs of their funding?  In Iraq, we
also see the impact of philosophy as much as a failure of execution.

The idea for the war itself was born out of deep conservative convictions
about the nature and capacity of US military force. Among the Project for
a New American Century's statement of principles (signed in 1997 by a
who's who of the architects of the Iraq war - Dick Cheney, Donald
Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad, I. Lewis Libby among others)
are four critical points:

 * we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry
out our global responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for
the future
 * we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge
regimes hostile to our interests and values
 * we need to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad
 * we need to accept responsibility for America's unique role in
preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security,
our prosperity, and our principles.

Implicit in these ideas is that the United States military can spread
democracy through the barrel of a gun. Our military might and power can be
a force for good.

It also indicates that the real motive behind the Iraq war wasn't to stop
Iraq's pursuit of weapons of mass destruction, but was a test of
neoconservative theory that the US military could reshape Middle East
geo-politics. The manipulation and disregard of intelligence to sell the
war was not incompetence, it was the product of a conservative agenda.

Unfortunately, this theory exalts a hubristic vision over the lessons of
history. It neglects the realization that there is a limit to a foreign
army's ability to shape foreign politics for the good. Our military
involvement in Vietnam, Lebanon, the Philippines, Cuba (prior to Castro)
and Panama, or European imperialist endeavors around the globe should have
taught us this lesson. Democracy needs to be an organic, homegrown
movement, as it was in this country. If we believe so deeply in our
ideals, they will speak for themselves and inspire others.

During the debate over Iraq, the conservative belief in the unquestioned
authority and moral leadership of the President helped shape public
support. We see this deference to the President constantly: when
Conservatives call those questioning the President's military decisions
"unpatriotic"; when Conservatives defend the executive branch's use of
domestic spying in the war on terror; when Bush simply refers to himself
as the "decider." "I support our President" was a common justification of
assent to the Iraq policy.

Additionally, as the implementer of the neoconservative vision and an
unquestioned moral authority, our President felt he had no burden to forge
international consensus or listen to the critiques of our allies. "You're
with us, or you're against us," he proclaimed after 9/11.

Much criticism continues to be launched against this administration for
ineptitude in its reconstruction efforts. Tragically, it is here too that
the administration's actions have been shaped less by ineptitude than by
deeply held conservative convictions about the role of government.

As noted above, Conservatives believe that government's role is limited to
security and maintaining a free market. Given this conviction, it's no
accident that administration policies have focused almost exclusively on
the training of Iraqi police, and US access to the newly free Iraqi market
- the invisible hand of the market will take care of the rest. Indeed,
George Packer has recently reported that the reconstruction effort in Iraq
is nearing its end ("The Lessons of Tal Affar," The New Yorker, April
10th, 2006). Iraqis must find ways to rebuild themselves, and the free
market we have constructed for them is supposed to do this. This is not
ineptitude. This is the result of deep convictions over the nature of
freedom and the responsibilities of governments to their people.

Finally, many of the miscalculations are the result of a conservative
analytic focus on narrow causes and effects, rather than mere
incompetence. Evidence for this focus can be seen in conservative domestic
policies: Crime policy is based on punishing the criminals, independent of
any effort to remedy the larger social issues that cause crime;
immigration policy focuses on border issues and the immigrants, and
ignores the effects of international and domestic economic policy on
population migration
environmental policy is based on what profits there are to be gained or
lost today, without attention paid to what the immeasurable long-term
costs will be to the shared resource of our environment; education policy,
in the form of vouchers, ignores the devastating effects that dismantling
the public school system will have on our whole society.

Is it any surprise that the systemic impacts of the Iraq invasion were not
part of the conservative moral or strategic calculus used in pursuing the

The conservative war rhetoric focused narrowly on ousting Saddam - he was
an evil dictator, and evil cannot be tolerated, period. The moral
implications of unleashing social chaos and collateral damage in addition
to the lessons of history were not relevant concerns.

As a consequence, we expected to be greeted as liberators. The
conservative plan failed to appreciate the complexities of the situation
that would have called for broader contingency planning. It lacked an
analysis of what else would happen in Iraq and the Middle East as a result
of ousting the Hussein Government, such as an Iranian push to obtain
nuclear weapons.

Joe Biden recently said, "if I had known the president was going to be
this incompetent in his administration, I would not have given him the
authority [to go to war]." Had Bush actually been incompetent, he would
have never been able to lead us to war in Iraq. Had Bush been incompetent,
he would not have been able to ram through hundreds of billions of dollars
in tax cuts. Had Bush been incompetent, he would have been blocked from
stacking the courts with right-wing judges. Incompetence, on reflection,
might have actually been better for the country.

                      *Hidden Successes*

Perhaps the biggest irony of the Bush-is-incompetent frame is that these
"failures" - Iraq, Katrina and the budget deficit - have been successes in
terms of advancing the conservative agenda.

One of the goals of Conservatives is to keep people from relying on the
federal government. Under Bush, FEMA was reorganized to no longer be a
first responder in major natural disasters, but to provide support for
local agencies. This led to the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina.
Now citizens, as well as local and state governments, have become
distrustful of the federal government's capacity to help ordinary
citizens. Though Bush's popularity may have suffered, enhancing the
perception of federal government as inept turned out to be a conservative

Conservatives also strive to get rid of protective agencies and social
programs. The deficit Bush created through irresponsible tax cuts and a
costly war in Iraq will require drastic budget cuts to remedy. Those cuts,
conservatives know, won't come from military spending, particularly when
they raise the constant specter of war. Instead, the cuts will be from
what Conservatives have begun to call "non-military, discretionary
spending;" that is, the programs that contribute to the common good like
the FDA, EPA, FCC, FEMA, OSHA and the NLRB. Yet another success for the
conservative agenda.

Both Iraq and Katrina have enriched the coffers of the conservative
corporate elite, thus further advancing the conservative agenda.
Halliburton, Lockhead Martin and US oil companies have enjoyed huge profit
margins in the last six years. Taking Iraq's oil production off-line in
the face of rising international demand meant prices would rise, making
the oil inventories of Exxon and other firms that much more valuable,
leading to record profits. The destruction wrought by Katrina and Iraq
meant billions in reconstruction contracts. The war in Iraq (and the war
in Afghanistan) meant billions in military equipment contracts. Was there
any doubt where those contracts would go? Chalk up another success for
Bush's conservative agenda.

Bush also used Katrina as an opportunity to suspend the environmental and
labor protection laws that Conservatives despise so much. In the wake of
Katrina, environmental standards for oil refineries were temporarily
suspended to increase production. Labor laws are being thwarted to drive
down the cost of reconstruction efforts. So, amidst these "disasters,"
Conservatives win again.

Where most Americans see failure in Iraq - George Miller recently called
Iraq a "blunder of historic proportions" - conservative militarists are
seeing many successes. Conservatives stress the importance of our military
- our national pride and worth is expressed through its power and
influence. Permanent bases are being constructed as planned in Iraq, and
America has shown the rest of the world that we can and will preemptively
strike with little provocation. They succeeded in a mobilization of our
military forces based on ideological pretenses to impact foreign policy.
The war has struck fear in other nations with a hostile show of American
power. The conservatives have succeeded in strengthening what they
perceive to be the locus of the national interest - military power.

                     *It's NOT Incompetence*

When Progressives shout "Incompetence!" it obscures the many conservative
successes. The incompetence frame drastically misses the point, that the
conservative vision is doing great harm to this country and the world. An
understanding of this and an articulate progressive response is needed.
Progressives know that government can and should have a positive role in
our lives beyond simple, physical security. It had a positive impact
during the progressive era, busting trusts, and establishing basic labor
standards. It had a positive impact during the new deal, softening the
blow of the depression by creating jobs and stimulating the economy. It
had a positive role in advancing the civil rights movement, extending
rights to previously disenfranchised groups. And the United States can
have a positive role in world affairs without the use of its military and
expressions of raw power. Progressives acknowledge that we are all in this
together, with "we" meaning all people, across all spectrums of race,
class, religion, sex, sexual preference and age. "We" also means across
party lines, state lines and international borders.

The mantra of incompetence has been an unfortunate one. The incompetence
frame assumes that there was a sound plan, and that the trouble has been
in the execution. It turns public debate into a referendum on Bush's
management capabilities, and deflects a critique of the impact of his
guiding philosophy. It also leaves open the possibility that voters will
opt for another radically conservative president in 2008, so long as he or
she can manage better. Bush will not be running again, so thinking,
talking and joking about him being incompetent offers no lessons to draw
from his presidency.

Incompetence obscures the real issue. Bush's conservative philosophy is
what has damaged this country and it is his philosophy of conservatism
that must be rejected, whoever endorses it.

Conservatism itself is the villain that is harming our people, destroying
our environment, and weakening our nation. Conservatives are undermining
American values through legislation almost every day. This message applies
to every conservative bill proposed to Congress. The issue that arises
every day is which philosophy of governing should shape our country. It is
the issue of our times. Unless conservative philosophy itself is
discredited, Conservatives will continue their domination of public

[And behind conservatism (as used above) is the ruling class. Conservatism
is just monumental greed and amorality in a three piece suit. A very smart
evil person seeking the ideological "justification" of his toxic nature
would invent conservatism. As long as we tolerate a ruling class, that
class will be spewing its conscience-deadening "priciples". The ruling
class itself must be discredited; we should understand "super-rich" to
mean: bad, socially cancerous, sneaky, underhanded, war-mongering,
anti-democratic, quasi-fascist. -ed]


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