Progressive Calendar 06.16.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 04:49:55 -0700 (PDT)
          P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R      06.16.06
                   Stadium meeting sprung
            2500 US dead - Iraq war protest today

1. Stadium/Mpls CC   6.16 9:30am
2. 2500 dead/protest 6.16 5pm

3. Haiti justice     6.17 9am
4. Juneteenth        6.17 9am
5. Labor door knock  6.17 10am
6. PRT/Bakken        6.17 10am
7. Burma event       6.17 1:30pm
8. Roadless wilds    6.17 6pm
9. Walking Elk music 6.17 7pm
10. Luxemburg/film   6.17 7pm
11. See Haiti        6.17 7:30pm
12. NCountry films   6.17 8pm

13. John Kolstad - Press conference speech 6.14.06

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[When government wants to do something disreputable, it likes to do it
quickly, with as little notice as possible. Pohlad's gift stadium is as
disreputable as it comes. Why should we screwed citizens be given adaquate
notice? -ed]

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 05:11:02 -0500
From: Dave Bicking <dave [at]>
Subject: Stadium/Mpls CC 6.16 9:30am

The stadium issue comes to the Mpls City Council meeting this morning
(Friday).  Sorry for short notice.  We've been wondering how and when the
Council would be taking the action they need to, now that the governor
signed the stadium legislation three weeks ago.

A resolution regarding the stadium just showed up on the council agenda
late yesterday afternoon.  At the same time, we found out more about the
process for the city to make its appointment to the Ballpark Authority.
That very important appointment is scheduled for this morning's meeting.

Details if you can go:  Full city council meeting, Friday, June 16,
9:30am, at City Hall, downtown Mpls, Room 317.  The stadium resolution is
near the end of the agenda.  It could come up by 10:30, or as late as
1:00pm.  As hard as it is for people to come downtown on a weekday
morning, it is even more difficult when we do not know how much other
process we may need to wait through before "our issue" comes up.

The Ballpark Authority is the 5 member public body that will oversee the
construction and operation of the new Twins stadium.  2 members are
appointed by Hennepin County, 2 by the governor, and one by the Mpls City
Council.  The Ballpark Authority is very important - it will be overseeing
hundreds of millions of dollars in public money.  It also negotiates the
final construction and leasing contracts with the Twins.  The details of
those contracts will have a great effect on whatever protections the
public has, and what few benefits we may receive.

The process for appointing a city representative to the Ballpark Authority
has been totally secret until now.  Even now, the meeting agenda does not
specifically mention the appointment, nor does it disclose the person who
is being proposed.  I am told that the appointment is being made by Barb
Johnson, as Council President, and she has chosen former council member
Joan Campbell.  That appointment must be approved by the full council.

I'm really tired and can't tell you much more right now.  More
information, and my commentary, is included in the letter I have sent to
all the Council members, which I am pasting in at the end of this email.
Due to the outrageous process, and the poor choice being made, I am trying
to open up more discussion by applying for the position myself.  More
about that in the letter below that I sent to the council members.

I recognize that very few people will be able to attend the council
meeting, especially on such short notice.  Your support would be
appreciated, though, if you could.  I would urge you though, first thing
this morning, to call or email your council representative to tell them to
vote against the stadium resolution, and particularly to block or delay
the appointment until there is opportunity for public knowledge and input.
And if you also want to support my application for appointment to the
Ballpark Authority, let them know that - I'd appreciate it.

Dave Bicking 612-276-1213

Here's the letter I sent to the Council members:

To all City Council members:

Near the end of today's agenda is a resolution "approving the Ballpark
Implementation Process."  I have been told that the first resolving clause
of this resolution is the appointment of the city's representative to the
MN Ballpark Authority.

I wish to comment on the process and on the presumed appointee. Also, due
to my concerns, and due to my experiences while following this issue, I
wish to offer my application for consideration for this position on the
Ballpark Authority.

This is an extremely important appointment, and it deserves much more
public notice, input, and deliberation than it will receive - which is
essentially none if this resolution is passed at this morning's meeting.

I have tried for some time to determine how, when, and by whom this
appointment was to be made.  The process to this point has been kept
secret, as least from the general public.  The opening for this position
has not been posted on the city's web site, nor has it appeared on any
meeting agenda until now.  Even now, there would be no way for the general
public to look at this agenda and realize that this appointment is to made
as part of this resolution.

I have been told that this appointment is the prerogative of the Council
President, Barb Johnson.  How has this been determined - what criteria are
used to decide which appointments are up to her to propose to the council?
For city advisory boards, openings are published on the city website,
applications are provided, and there is an open process for the selection
of candidates.  For a much more powerful and influential position on the
Ballpark Authority, shouldn't the process be at least as open, public and
transparent?  (within the limits imposed by the shortened time frame

The state legislation gives extraordinary power and responsibilities to
the Ballpark Authority.  It will manage hundreds of millions of dollars of
public money.  It will negotiate the final contracts with the Twins
regarding both construction and leasing of the new ballpark.  The current
principles of agreement between the county and the Twins are very vague.
The actual language which protects the public from unacceptable and
unnecessary risk and liability is very important.  Truly, "the devil is in
the details".

The city's representative to the Ballpark Authority will also be
responsible for protecting the particular interests of the city and its

The secret process which has taken place behind closed doors does little
to assure the public that the chosen representative will be best qualified
and committed to protecting the public interest.

I appeal to you to delay action on at least this portion of the Ballpark
resolution.  This requires public input and comment.  My understanding is
that even many council members have not had much opportunity to consider
this appointment.  Even if the chosen appointee is the best qualified, you
can not know this without a greater opportunity to examine her
qualifications, her philosophy, her possible conflicts of interest, and
her commitment to the position.  You also can not know this without a
consideration of possible alternatives.  The general public should also
have an opportunity to be a part of this deliberation.

Please, put this matter aside for later consideration after more
information is available.  Possibly the council could reconvene late next
week for consideration of this matter, still before the statutory deadline
of June 25.

My greatest concern is with the process, because process truly matters
when making important decisions.  However, I also have concerns regarding
the presumed outcome of this secret process - the selection of Joan
Campbell as the city's representative.  I have been told that she is the
proposed appointee, but that knowledge is still not available to the
general public, which may find this to be a curious choice to protect us
from risk and liabilities far into the future.

I confess that I know little of Ms. Campbell's recent accomplishments or
her current opinions.  Like the rest of the public, I have been deprived
of the time to do adequate research on this due to the sudden appearance
of this appointment.

Nevertheless, I understand that many consider her to be part of the "bad
old days" of the City Council, when the public purse was opened to every
downtown developer.  Her three terms on the council coincide with the
period when many financial decisions were made that still plague the city
today.  I don't have personal knowledge, but I have read that she, along
with Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton and CM Jackie Cherryhomes, was most
closely associated with these public subsidies of private profit.  It is
likely that the public perception of her appointment will be that the
council has learned NOTHING since those days.

The timing of this appointment is ironic, seeing as how it has been
recently determined that the city is on the hook for a $1.2 million
bail-out of operating losses at the Target Center.  A determined
negotiator on the Ballpark Authority can make the critical difference
between protecting the taxpayers, or leaving us open to such liabilities.
Will Joan Campbell now be such a determined protector of the public
interest?  Without further knowledge, I honestly don't know - and I
suspect you don't either.

After serious consideration, I wish to offer my application for this
position on the Ballpark Authority.  I do this only out of concern for the
public interest - this would be a considerable personal sacrifice.
 I also realize that I subject myself to ridicule, because it is generally
accepted that such appointments only go to "well- respected members of the
community" who have extensive personal and political connections, and who
already serve on a half dozen other boards.

Nevertheless, I consider myself to be fully qualified, and a serious
alternative to the usual candidates.  I have attached a "Letter of
Qualifications" which I hope will serve as an application.  I know this is
last-minute - but until now, I have not been given any indication of how
this position was to be filled, or who else would be considered.

The attached document details not just my standard resume but also more
information on why I am applying, and what concerns I believe need to be
addressed in making this appointment.

I would appreciate your consideration, and if you believe I warrant it,
your support.

Whether or not you support me as a candidate for this position, I feel it
is most important that this appointment be given the full public hearing
and consideration that it deserves.

Yours sincerely,
Dave Bicking 3211 22nd Ave. S. #1 Minneapolis, MN 55407 612-276-1213

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 20:33:36 -0000
From: awcmere <meredith [at]>
Subject: 2500 dead/protest 6.16 5pm

Passing A Tragic Milestone: 2500 U.S. Military Dead in Iraq

Protest vigil to mark the 2500th U.S. military death in Iraq:  Not one
more death, not one more dollar! End the war in Iraq!

Friday, June 16, 5pm
In front of the offices of U.S. Senator Norm Coleman
2550 University Av W StPaul

News reports confirm that a tragic new milestone has been passed in the
U.S. war in Iraq, the 2500th U.S. military death.

To mark this tragic milestone a coalition of Twin Cities area peace and
anti-war organizations will hold a vigil on Friday, June 16, starting at
5:00PM in front of the offices of U.S. Senator Norm Coleman at 2550
University Ave. West in St. Paul (near the intersection of University Ave.
& Hwy 280).

The vigil is being organized under the call of "Not One More Death, Not
One More Dollar."

The Friday anti-war event will call attention to not only the 2500 U.S.
military dead but also the unknown thousands of Iraqi people who have died
as a result of the U.S. war.

A statement issued by organizers says in part, "The sad day has come when
the 2500th U.S. military death has occurred in Iraq. We will gather to
mark this tragic milestone and to call attention to the tragic human and
economic costs of the war in Iraq and to call for immediate withdrawal of
U.S. military forces."

The statement continues, "How many U.S. soldiers and Iraqis must lose
their lives before our government finally admits that the war was wrong
and it is time to bring the troops home?"

Events are set in cities and towns, large and small, across the U.S. to
mark the 2500th U.S. military death in Iraq.

Among the Twin Cities area organizations that are sponsoring the vigil
are, Twin Cities Peace Campaign-Focus on Iraq, Women Against Military
Madness, Anti-War Committee, Iraq Peace Action Coalition, Military
Families Speak Out and others.

For information call Twin Cities Peace Campaign 612 522-1861 or Women
Against Military Madness 612 827-5364.

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From: Rebecca Cramer <biego001 [at]>
Subject: Haiti Justice 6.17 9am

The Haiti Justice Committee meets monthly, at 9am on the third Saturday,
at the Resource Center of the Americas (27th Ave. S. and E. Lake St.), in
the Victor Jara room.

 Please join us this Sat. to discuss the current political crisis in
Haiti. Join our committee, learn the facts and be a part of the growing
international outrage against the murderous political repression occurring
in Haiti since the ouster, in Feb. 2004, of the democratically-elected
President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.   Rebecca Cramer

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Juneteenth 6.17 9am

Saturday, 6/17, Juneteenth festival with parade starting 9am at Penn Ave N
& Plymouth Ave N and continuing to Theodore Wirth Park.  Booth open in the
park from 11am to 7pm.

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From: <llwright [at]>
Subject: Labor door knock 6.17 10am

A Call to Action from the St Paul Trades and Labor Assembly Union Member
Door Knock to Win Back Minnesota in 2006! Join Our Union Brothers and
Sisters as we kick off the Labor 2006 program in Minneapolis.

Saturday, June 17 at 10am
Operating Engineers Local 49 - 2829 Anthony Lane South - Minneapolis

DETAILS: We will door knock labor households in Minneapolis and the
surrounding inner ring suburbs. Lunch to follow.

DIRECTIONS: From 35W, take exit 24 (County Road C). Head west on County
Road C for approximately 1 mile. Turn left on Anthony Lane and make
another immediate left. The 49ers Hall is straight ahead.

For Information Contact: Bree Halverson, St Paul Trades and Labor Assembly
@ 651-222-3787 or bhalverson [at] OR Andrea Yevuta,
Minneapolis CLUC Political Director at 612-379-4206 or andrea [at]

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From: Margaret Beegle <beegle [at]>
Subject: PRT/Bakken 6.17 10am

Every Saturday in June, Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit will have a
display at the Bakken Museum of Electricity, 3537 Zenith Avenue South,
Minneapolis. The exhibit is intended for children ages 5 to 12 and on up
to adulthood. Hours are 10am to 4pm. Come learn about magnetism and the
newest developments with PRT.

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From: Pattih2 [at]
Subject: Burma event 6.17 1:30pm

Come Celebrate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Birthday!Saturday, June 17 1:30-4pm
We are going to celebrate her 61st Birthday and fight for her freedom.

Who is Aung San Suu Kyi?

Aung San Suu Kyi is the daughter of General Aung San, a Burmese National
Icon who fought for Burma's Independence from Britain.  She has spent 10
of the past 17 years in prison or under house arrest.  The last time she
was able to leave her house was May 30th, 2003.  In 1988 she rose to the
forefront of Burma's democracy movement as millions of people marched in
the streets demanding a transition to democracy.  She led the National
League for Democracy to a landslide victory in Burma's last democratic
election, garnering an overwhelming 82% of the seats in parliament.  When
the military dictatorship refused to hand over power, she became the
symbol of democracy by encouraging her followers to bring about change in
a Ghandian manner.  She became the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient and
currently is the world's only incarcerated winner of the Nobel Peace

The US Campaign for Burma - MN Chapter will sponsor an event to honor Aung
San Suu Kyi's 61st Birthday.

The event will occur on: Saturday, June 17, from 1:30-4:00.
Lutheran Social Service
2414 Park Ave Mpls, MN 55404

The EVENT will be video taped and will be part of the nationwide effort to
send a message to Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma:

1:30 Show the videos on Burma/ Make birthday cards
2:30 Speakers from various Burmese, Karen, and politicians if available
3:15 "Arrest ourselves" by getting in a circle and tying our hands
3:30 Picture of group with Birthday cake / Sing "Happy Birthday"

Please come and join with us.
For more information contact Patti Hurd 651-683-0228 or Aung Koe

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From: entropy [at]
Subject: Roadless wilds 6.17 6pm

There is a plan coming down the pike from the DNR & National Forestry
Service which may begin as soon as this fall & the public comment period
is over.


It looks like they plan on building roads into roadless areas as soon as
this fall...with a total of up to 15,000 acres of clear-cutting.  This is
the forestry management plan for the Superior National Forest's echo trail
area (next to the boundary waters).

They will build roads & even a bridge in roadless wilderness.
They will destroy critical habitat for Lynx, three toed woodpecker,
goshawk owl, and much more.
They will destroy the wilderness I grew up exploring & loving!

We have been camping & exploring the proposed road-building & tree-cutting
sites.  We have been making our own maps and getting more people up there
to see these beautiful places they want to destroy.  We will continue to
do this all summer, and even longer.  We will continue to do this until
they decide to start the which point we plan to be ready
to stop them.

you can help.  you can come camping with us.  you can explore with us. and
you can help us all get ready for the real fight when they try to
clear-cut the forests which belong to all of us (which means they need our
permission which we will not grant).

join us for our first fundraiser, meet good people, hear some great music,
sign up to go camping...ect...

this SATURDAY, June 17
6pm at the Belfry Community Center (3752 Bloomington Ave South)
this will be an acoustic oriented show with:
Rio de la Muerte (from Gainesville, FL),
Iron Lung Johnson (local),
shugE (local),
plus a special guest

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Walking Elk concert 6.17 7pm

Mitch Walking Elk in Concert
Benefit for Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community programs

Saturday, June 17, at 7pm
Mendota Dakota Community Center
1351 Sibley Memorial Hwy (Hwy 13 off Hwy 55) in Mendota

Sliding scale, no one turned away Information: 651-452-4141

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From: Doris G. Marquit <marqu001 [at]>
Subject: Rosa Luxemburg/film 6.17 7pm

ROSA LUXEMBURG--A film by noted German director Margarethe von Trotta
Saturday, June 17
7pm, May Day Books
301 S Cedar Av, Minneapolis

Suggested contribution: $5. Refreshments served.
A Fundraiser for Political Affairs: A Marxist Monthly
Sponsored by Central and Southern District, CPUSA

Rosa Luxemburg was a German socialist leader, cofounder of the Spartacus
Party in 1918. In addition to her radical labor and antiwar organizing,
she played an important role in the history of Marxist theory. She and
Karl Liebknecht were murdered by German authorities in 1919.

Barbara Sukowa won Best Actress at Cannes in 1986 for her portrayal of
"Red Rosa" in this film. Von Trotta has directed other award-winning films
such as Rosenstrasse and The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum.

FFI: Harry at (651) 776-2027.

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: See Haiti 6.17 7:30pm

Saturday, 6/17, 7:30 to 10:30 pm, "Start Seeing Haiti" fundraiser to benefit
Fr. Jean-Juste's feeding program in Port-au-Prince, The Jungle Red Salon,
1362 LaSalle Ave, Mpls.  $5 cover.  Caribbean food from Victor's Cafe,
Ellen_Seagren [at] or 612-388-2542.

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From: teresa konechne <tontheroad [at]>
Subject: NCountry films 6.17 8pm

North Country Coops Birthday Celebration FILM NIGHT.
Films, by and with NCC working members and collective members.

REVOLUTION and ART - DELICIOUS: films by and with North Country
Coop Members.

JUNE 17, 8pm
BEDLAM THEATRE 14 1/2 Cedar Ave, Mpls.; 612.341.1038

CONTACT:Erik Esse  612.8.338.3110

A plethora of films by North Country Coop members, shoppers and collective
members. It's a night of documentaries, experimental shorts, new pieces,
old pieces, and a celebration of just a bit of the talent that runs amuck
through the aisles of the coop.  Please join us for some great films and
great fun!!  Curated by member and filmmaker Teresa Konechne.

BREWING DEMOCRACY A group of friends meet every weekend to make beer in
preparation for the start-up of a beer brewing business that they could
own and manage collectively.  Tensions mount as it becomes clear that
collective members have different ideas about where their collaboration is
heading. This film explores the dynamic of collectivism and asks the
question, "Are we prepared for true democracy?" Directed by:  Beth Peloff
-- Beth is a freelance videographer and currently works at the Minneapolis
Television Network as a video instructor and business manager.

Shorts by veteran filmmaker Kathleen Laughlin:
 WE WILL HARBOR YOU:  A History of Minnesota's Battered Women's Movement
Excerpt from a work-in-progress
 SUSAN THROUGH CORN A pixilated portrait of my sister in the August
cornfields, so tall she's lost; intensities of green, red, yellow, and
 TOMATO STORY An illustrated phone conversation with my neighbor
downstairs, dedicated to Marie, and those everywhere who watch out of
 GONE BY Nostalgia from '76 Minneapolis' warehouse district -- Kathleen
has been working in the Twin Cities as a documentary film and video
producer, director, and editor since 1975.

NOSEFIGHT A melancholic fairytale about the unlikely reuniting of a
brother and sister separated during their youth. Shot on super 8 mm film
through colored filters and set to an original ambient score by John
Marks.  Directed by:  Daniel Palahniuk -- Daniel makes short films that
have screened in the Fargo and Minneapolis Film Festivals.

Films by Teresa Konechne
 ATRAVES DE TI, YO SOY - An experimental short.  Hands, faces and bodies
become ephemeral celebrations about love, distance, and cross-cultural
relationships in this visually poetic piece.
 MANOOMIN: a Minnesota way of life Genetic Engineering and the sacred wild
rice of the Ojibwe people is a dangerous combination.  This documentary
was made as part of a legislative campaign for the White Earth Land
Recovery Project, to save wild rice from a change that could threaten the
tribe's cultural heritage and economic base. -- Teresa uses film to merge
her politics with art and beauty.  Her documentaries and shorts have
screened around the country and abroad.

teresa konechne working hands productions minneapolis mn 612.871.2576
(studio) 612.214.1121 (cell) (in progress)

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 18:53:33 -0500
From: John Kolstad <jkolstad [at]>
Subject: John Kolstad press conference speech 6.14.06

Delivered at the State Capitol June 14, 2006 on the Capitol Steps

I am John Kolstad and I am honored to have been drafted and endorsed by
the Minnesota Green Party as their candidate for Attorney General.

I am running as a Green because I respect and support the 4 Pillars and 10
Key Values of the Green Party. And I like that the Greens intend to hold
their candidates accountable to these principles.

There are many pressing issues that we face in Minnesota today. But the
four issues my campaign will focus on are:

 -get out of Iraq now!
 -bring universal health care through single payer to Minnesota
 -establish a sound energy policy based on renewable resources.
 -economic development and job creation by supporting small independent

Today I will briefly address one of these issues: the health care crisis.
There is virtually no disagreement about how bad the problem is. The
question is, Is there a solution? The answer is yes - it is universal
health care through a single payer system.

All credible research indicates that universal single payer health care
 -cover everyone
 -give choice of doctor and hospital
 -end insurance company interference with doctor patient relationship
 -and collectively we will save billions of dollars every year.

How can we be assured that this research is correct?

We can look to the experience of every other industrialized nation in the
world. They spend 50% or less per capita, cover everyone and most have
better outcomes. That's empirical evidence.

So why have the DFL and GOP not implemented this proven solution? In fact
these two parties have not even allowed it to be formally discussed at the
legislature. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the governor
and the legislature are controlled by the campaign money and lobbyists of
the insurance and drug industries.

So there are my issues.

However, the overwhelming reason for me accepting the Green Party's draft
as their candidate is the colossal failure of the two major parties, the
DFL and GOP, to solve the pressing problems of the people of this state.

So, if the current major parties are failing to serve the people's needs,
what are they doing and who are they serving? What did the legislature do
last session and where did they spend their time and public resources?

They approved, and Governor Pawlenty signed, a $1.1 billion dollar tax on
Hennepin county, to build a $522 million dollar building for the richest
businessman in Minnesota. And this businessman will not pay a dime in
property tax, while it skyrockets for the rest of us. So Carl Pohlad gets
a free building and doesn't even pay property tax on it.

So $522 million goes to the building, but does any one know where the rest
of the $578 millions goes?

To make matters worse, these legislators overrode a state law requiring
that people of Hennepin county have a referendum vote on this tax. The two
parties that crammed this through are morally, fiscally and politically
bankrupt. And yes - anti-democratic.

Governor Pawlenty signed this bill, making him a billion-dollar hypocrite.
House speaker Svigum is also a billion-dollar hypocrite. And so are all
the republicans who vote for the stadium or let it go through.

But what about the Democrats? They may be even worse than the republicans.
Why? First the DFL is supposed to be for the working class - not the
wealthy class. Second, the DFL leaders gave the appearance of making a
deal to combine the stadium with money for education and other public
needs. But when the bill came out of the conference committee, only the
stadium and Carl Pohlad's benefits remained. And of course no referendum.

Yet the DFL still voted for it. That was a disgraceful act.

Minority leader Matt Entenza, the DFL-endorsed candidate for Attorney
General, voted for this heist of public tax dollars for the benefit of a
billionaire. In addition his wife is an executive at United Health Care.
How can we believe that he will represent the ordinary people of

The conduct of these two major parties is inexcusable and demonstrates
that they do not deserve the trust and votes of the people of Minnesota.

So my issue are:
 -end the war now. Bring home the National Guard
 -universal single payer healthcare
 -sustainable energy policy
 -promoting small independent business.

I am qualified for this job.
I have the ability to do this job.
I have vast experience to bring to this job.

I am not controlled by the money and power interests of this state. Vote
for John Kolstad and the only one I will owe anything to is you - the

Thank you.


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