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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 13:26:21 -0700 (PDT)
The MN-prog-events mailing list ( http://justcomm.org/mn-prog-events/ )
will now be carrying brief summaries of new issues of Nygaard Notes when
they become available on http://www.nygaardnotes.org
Some consider a new issue of Nygaard Notes an "event" in itself.

Go to the web site to read the newsletter.  Note that it is possible to
have the complete newsletters sent by email -- see the web site.
Two such announcements for recent issues will be posted shortly.

Nygaard Notes is an independent newsletter written and published by Jeff
Nygaard in Minnesota. Nygaard Notes is concerned with a broad
range of issues and ideas, using humor and plain language to reach out to
anyone who believes in the values of solidarity, justice, compassion, and
democracy. Nygaard Notes is intended to educate, inform, and entertain
readers. Nygaard Notes is also intended to challenge its readers,
inspiring them to move away from passive ways of thinking and toward more
active, creative ways of thinking that lead to positive action.

The website contains a copy of every issue of Nygaard Notes and can be
searched by keyword.  Below is a summary of newsletters from the last

    * Nygaard Notes # 332, June 8, 2006: Patent Nonsense:  Imagine The
Alternatives (Part IV in the "How Ideas Affect Policy" Series); An End to
Copyrights: The Artistic Freedom Voucher
    * Nygaard Notes # 331, May 31, 2006: Off the Front Page: U.S. Kills
Civilians, And Plans to Kill Thousands More; Imagining a Different
Philosophy: Part III in the "How Ideas Affect Policy" Series
    * Nygaard Notes # 330, May 19, 2006: Off the Front Page: Welfare
Reform and Poverty; Vaccines, Incentives, and Human Nature: Part II in the
"How Ideas Affect Policy" Series
    * Nygaard Notes # 329, May 15, 2006: Off the Front Page: 4 Million
Newborns (and Mothers) Dying Needlessly; Bird Flu, Regular Flu, and Empty
Tool Boxes
    * Nygaard Notes # 328, May 1, 2006: Off the Front Page: Uninsured
Kids; State of the News Media 2006: "The Idealists Have Lost"
    * Nygaard Notes # 327, April 24, 2006: Pledge Drive  Pledge Drive
Pledge Drive!!!; Nygaard Notes: Imagination and Vision; Off the Front
Page: Who Are The Bombers?; Infrastructure, Schminfrastructure!
    * Nygaard Notes # 326, April 10, 2006: Nygaard Notes: Why It's So
Great (and Why You Want to Make A Pledge); Off the Front Page: Top Lawman
Says "We'll Break the Law"; Oh, Yeah, I Also Read These Things; Big Bird A
Trojan Horse in Indonesia; Fees for the Poor, Tax Cuts for the Rich; A
Note of Hope from Iraq; "Minnesota Guy" Opposes Gay Marriage Amendment
    * Nygaard Notes # 325, March 31, 2006: Once Again, the Magic Number
Is: 13; How Much Should Your Pledge Be?; What Nygaard Reads
    * Nygaard Notes # 324, March 20, 2006: Introducing a New Feature: "Off
The Front Page"; Off The Front Page: Human Rights, White House
Lawbreaking, and U.S. Killings; Threats and Promises
    * Nygaard Notes # 323, March 3, 2006: The "Lesson of Vietnam;" Reduce
the Troops, Increase the Bombs; U.S. Bases and "Imperial Intentions" in
Iraq; Human Suffering As A Result of the U.S. Occupation: The Numbers;
Sources for More Information On Iraq, March 2006; More Untold Stories From
    * Nygaard Notes # 322, March 1, 2006: Imagine. Two Stories About U.S.
Bombs; The Daily Airpower Summary; Why Reporting from Iraq is So Bad
    * Nygaard Notes # 321, February 22, 2006: Analyzing the Media, Nygaard
Style; One Week of News from Iraq; What The White House Press Corps COULD
Be: Helen Thomas
    * Nygaard Notes # 320, February 2, 2006: Global Human Welfare: Not
Worth Reporting?; "A Dramatic, but Largely Unknown, Decline in the Number
of Wars"; A Few More Unreported Reports; Seeing is Not Believing in the
Twilight Zone
    * Nygaard Notes # 319, January 25, 2006: Budget Bill About To Pass:
You Won't Believe What's In It; United States Culture?; Chile Social
Security a Failure. Who Knew? We Did; TV-Land: "The Best Possible
Environment" = No "Controversy"; "We're All Prepared For That
Possibility?" I'm Not!; "Progressively More Autocratic and
Antidemocratic." Who, Me?
    * Nygaard Notes # 318, January 20, 2006: The "Benefits" of "Sensible
Economic Policies"; The "Nightmare" in Bolivia: Who's Dreaming?
    * Nygaard Notes # 317, January 6, 2006: Why Propaganda 1: To
Marginalize Dissent; Why Propaganda 2: Six Specific Reasons; The Scourge
of Propaganda: What To Do?; Dealing with Cancer, Dealing with Propaganda:
An Analogy
    * Nygaard Notes # 316, December 30, 2005: The Year's Top (Non)
Stories; Nygaard Notes Year in Review, 2005 Version
    * Nygaard Notes # 315, December 23, 2005: How Propaganda Works: Three
Key Concepts; How Propaganda Works: "Branding"
    * Nygaard Notes # 314, December 16, 2005: How Propaganda Works: The
Profit Factor; How Propaganda Works: Transmitting Ideology
    * Nygaard Notes # 313, December 9, 2005: The President: Lying or
Ignorant?; How Overt and Deep Propaganda Work: A Case Study; Who Does
    * Nygaard Notes # 312, December 3, 2005: Seasonal Gift-Buying: If You
Do It, Do It Well!; When Do We See Propaganda? Six Red Flags; What is
"Hegemony?" And Why Do I Care?
    * Nygaard Notes # 311, November 18, 2005: The What, Who, Where, When,
How, and Why of Propaganda: An Introduction; Propaganda Series Part I:
What Is Propaganda?; Economics, Art and Ideology
    * Nygaard Notes # 310, October 31, 2005: The "Liberal" Media Reviews
Books on War; Not in the News I: War Costs Calculated; Not In The News II:
Equality Is Good!; Not in the News III: Democracies DO Make War, Mr. Bush
    * Nygaard Notes # 309, October 7, 2005: Sign Up for Nygaard Media
Class Now (if you're going to...); Hurricane Response I: The "Domestic
Security Initiative"; Hurricane Response II: "An Unnatural Disaster";
Grassroots Hurricane Relief, and Beyond
    * Nygaard Notes # 308, September 30, 2005: "Operation Offset" - The
"Conservative Response" to Katrina; The Military Spending We Cannot Cut;
Massive Theft in Iraq
    * Nygaard Notes # 307, September 23, 2005: "Some of Us Did Not Realize
this America Existed" Race, Class, and Hurricanes; Emotions and the News
    * Nygaard Notes # 306, August 31, 2005: What Is Happening in Iraq?
Tips for Staying Informed; "Proof" That Norm Coleman is on "A Crusade of
Sorts"; High-Octane Fraud; The Key Fact about "Free Trade:" It's Not About
    * Nygaard Notes # 305, August 25, 2005: A Few Ways to Help Stop the
War; Help Stop the Recruiting of Kids for War
    * Nygaard Notes # 304, August 19, 2005: The "phenomenally corrupt"
Cheney Energy Task Force; Whose Law is The Law?; "Almost Inconceivable"
That U.S. Would Obey the Law
    * Nygaard Notes # 303, August 11, 2005: The Return of the
"Presidential" Quotation Marks; "Jingoistic Flag-waving" and The Perfect
Nuclear Storm; Resources for Energy Action and Racial Justice
    * Nygaard Notes # 302, July 29, 2005: Nygaard Teaches Media Class: All
Invited; "Two Great Democracies" Arm Themselves With Nukes; Nygaard Notes
Correction and Apology
    * Nygaard Notes # 301, July 15, 2005: What Goes Into Producing an
Issue of Nygaard Notes?; Lunging for the Jugular Vein: The Coming Attack
on the Income Tax; The "I Told You So" Section.  And Reasons for Hope
    * Nygaard Notes # 300, June 28, 2005: The Nygaard Notes Project;
Praise for Nygaard Notes!

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