Progressive Calendar 04.21.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 03:31:38 -0700 (PDT)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     04.21.06

1. Child sex traffic 4.21 8:30am
2. AFSCME contract   4.21 11:45am
3. Counter recruit   4.21 12noon
4. Immigration       4.21 12noon
5. General College   4.21 1:15pm
6. Iraq vet v war    4.21 2pm
7. Palestine vigil   4.21 4:15pm
8. Agent Orange/art  4.21 5pm
9. Darfur/film       4.21 6pm
10. Migrant/Colombia 4.21 7pm
11. Peace prize      4.21

12. Earth Day        4.22
13. Palestine        4.22 9am
14. Immigrant        4.22 10am
15. Iraq vet speaks  4.22 1pm
16. YAWR/walkout     4.22 2pm
17. Homeland decency 4.22 3pm
18. IATP blast       4.22 5pm
19. Hot dish revolt  4.22 5pm
20. Green candidates 4.22 6pm
21. Box city vigil   4.22 6:30pm
22. Armenia/genocide 4.22 8pm

23. Green Party   - Greens endorse Cape Cod wind farm
24. Thomas Linzey - Can we make chemical trespass illegal?
25. ed            - The Stadium Poems

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From: humanrts [at]
Subject: Child sex traffic 4.21 8:30am

United Front for Children: Global Efforts to Combat Sexual Trafficking in
Travel and Tourism.

April 21
Cost: Free, but registration required.
Location: Coffman Union Theatre, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus,
Minneapolis, MN

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. One of the
consequences of easy and cheap global travel is an increase in the
reported sexual exploitation of children in tourist destinations.

On Friday April 21, 2006, the Human Rights Program will host an
international conference to explore the relationship between tourism and
child sex trafficking and to address the human rights implications of this
nexus.  The conference will engage leading experts in four sectors that
have critical roles in preventing sexual exploitation of children:
non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia, government agencies and

Among the concrete outcomes we hope to achieve at this conference are a
critical look at existing norms, a commitment from new business partners
to make the issue a priority through implementation of Codes of Conduct
and other means, identification of research priorities and the support of
student initiatives in U.S. colleges and universities.

Featured presenters comprise of national and international experts, including:
 -Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn, Former UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale of
Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography
 -Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chairman and CEO of the Carlson Companies
 -Ambassador John Miller, U.S. State Department Office to Monitor and
Combat Trafficking in Persons
 -Melanne Verveer, Board Chair, Vital Voices Global Partnership
 -Lyndall De Marco, Director, International Tourism Partnership Director

The public is welcome to attend the first full day of the conference, on
Friday, April 21, in the Theater on the first floor of Coffman Memorial

The conference is free, but registration is required as space is limited.
For more information or to register online, please visit our website at or contact hrminor [at]

Presented by the Human Rights Program at the University of Minnesota, in
collaboration with the Human Rights Center at the University of Minnesota
Law School.

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From: Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council <betsy [at]>
Subject: AFSCME contract 4.21 11:45am

Please join us in supporting AFSCME Local 9 at the Rally for a Fair

Friday, April 21, 11:45am
Federal Courthouse Plaza (across from City Hall)

The City of Minneapolis General Unit members rejected a tentative
contract. This Friday the union and employer will begin mediation. Send
Local 9 back to the table with strength to win a fair contract!

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From: sarah standefer <scsrn [at]>
Subject: Counter recruit 4.21 12noon

Counter Recruitment Demonstration
 Our Children Are Not Cannon Fodder
Fridays   NOON-1
Recruiting Office at the U of M
At Washington and Oak St.  next to Chipolte
for info call Barb Mishler 612-871-7871

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From: humanrts [at]
Subject: Immigration 4.21 12noon

April 21 - Immigration in America: Opportunity for Reform.  12noon-1pm.
Cost: Free and open to the public with advance registration.

Immigration Speaker Series

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

As the debate over immigration reform heats up, we are presented with the
opportunity to create positive changes in our immigration system. A
variety of proposed legislation seeks to satisfy the need for national
security by enhancing immigration enforcement but does not promote
long-term solutions that balance the diverse needs of our nation and the
immigrants living within its borders. Loan Huynh and Sam Myers will offer
an overview of current state and national legislative proposals and a
human rights-based framework for understanding this complex issue. This
immigration speaker series will be held on April 21, May 19 and June 16,

Lectures are free and open to the public with advance registration. Lunch
will be provided for those who pre-register. One Standard CLE will be
requested. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Aaron Van
Alstine at (612) 341-3302 ext. 127 or avanalstine [at] more
information or to RSVP, please contact Aaron Van Alstine at (612) 341-3302
ext. 127 or avanalstine [at]

Presented by Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. and Minnesota Advocates for Human
Rights Location: U.S. Bank Plaza, 200 South Sixth Street, Suite 4000,

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From: "Don,Rachel Christensen" <chris385 [at]>
From: "Jonneke Koomen" <jonneke [at]>
Subject: General College 4.21 1:15pm

Press Conference: Leaders of the 1969 Morrill Hall sit-in support fight to
save General College
Friday, April 21, 1:15
Steps of Morrill Hall, University of Minnesota, East Bank Campus
Who: Rose Mary Freeman, Horace Huntley, faculty, students and community

Contact information: August Nimtz, Professor of Political Science and
African American and African Studies and Equal Access Coalition:
612-624-1512 and animtz [at]

Leaders of the 1969 Morrill Hall Take-Over Support Current Fight to Save
General College

Rose Mary Freeman, Horace Huntley and Marie Williams, who played key roles
in the take-over of Morrill Hall in 1969 that led to the creation of the
African American and African Studies Department and greater access to the
University of Minnesota through the Martin Luther King Program, will voice
their support to the efforts led by the Equal Access Coalition and the
General College Truth Movement to stop the dismantling of General College
by the University of Minnesota administration.  Freeman and Huntley, who
were also students in General College at the time of the take-over, and
Williams will speak along with faculty from departments that were created
in the aftermath of the take-over, past and present staff and students of
General College as well as community leaders.  Hundreds of high school and
university students who oppose the closing of General College will stage a
protest march after the press conference.

While the University administration has maintained since the winter of
2005, when it announced its plans for General College, that it simply
wanted to improve upon the work of the unit, General College Assistant
Dean Robert Poch revealed in an interview with the Minnesota Daily (Feb.
28) that the number of students admitted will be reduced by almost half
for Fall 2007 and what had been a two year program will now be only one
year. "Beyond that, we don't know."  The message of the press conference
is that the dismantling of General College violates what was won through
the Morrill Hall take-over.

The press conference, sponsored by the Equal Access Coalition and the
General College Truth Movement, coincides with a two-day series of
meetings and events to commemorate the 1969 take-over organized by the
Morrill Hall Reunion Committee and the Coalition for the History of
African American Contributions to the University of Minnesota.

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Iraq vet v war 4.21 2pm

Friday, 4/21, 2 pm, Iraq Vet Against the War Sgt. Geoffrey Millard speaks
at the Chapel, Macalester College, Grand just w. of Snelling, St. Paul.
vfpchapter27 [at]

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From: peace 2u <tkanous [at]>
Subject: Palestine vigil 4.21 4:15pm

Every Friday
Vigil to End the Occupation of Palestine

Summit & Snelling, St. Paul

There are now millions of Palestinians who are refugees due to Israel's
refusal to recognize their right under international law to return to
their own homes since 1948.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Agent Orange/art 4.21 5pm

Curious as a school of koi
men and women
dressed in orange
are looking at us
looking at them -
Curious as a school of koi

Please come see AGENT ORANGE, my montage of poems, pictures and profound
objects on the color orange. It's at the St. Paul Art Crawl, Friday 5-10pm
April 21, Saturday 12-7pm April 22, and Sunday 12-5pm April 23, 2006 in
Lowertown Lofts, 255 Kellogg Boulevard E, St. Paul. For map and more, zoom
to <>.

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From: Nick Faber <nfabe [at]>
Subject: Darfur/film 4.21 6pm

Minnehaha UCC Justice and Witness Committee Presents

ALL ABOUT DARFUR a film byTaghreed Elsanhouri 2005
Friday, April 21
6pm light meal, 6:30 film, discussion to follow

The current situation in the western Sudanese region of Darfur is one of
human crisis. Over 400,000 non-Arab Sudanese have died as a result of
ethnic cleansing, and many more have been displaced from their homes.
After Rwanda, the international community declared genocide would not
happen again, yet have been slow to act on this pledge.

Up until now the perilous situation in Darfur has been seen only from
outside the country. Here is a unique opportunity to hear it explained by
eloquent, diverse, even contradictory voices from within Sudan. The
director, of Sudanese heritage herself, talks to ordinary Sudanese in
outdoor tea shops, markets, refugee camps, and living rooms about how
deeply rooted prejudices could suddenly burst into a wild fire of ethnic
violence. Women's stories and their perspectives on history are especially
given center stage.

Minnehaha UCC is a Just Peace, Anti-Racist, Open and Affirming
congregation located at 4001 38th Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55406

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From: DRosenstein [at]
Subject: Migrant/Colombia 4.21 7pm

Two documentaries - one focusing on the lives of migrant workers, the
other on human rights abuses in Colombia - will be shown Friday, April 21,
as part of the Labor & Community Film Series.

The series, sponsored by the University of Minnesota Labor Education
Service, highlights recently released films that give voice to workers and
communities in the Americas. All screenings are free and open to the

The documentaries, each about 50 minutes long, will be shown Friday, April
21, starting at 7pm at the Resource Center of the Americas, 3019 Minnehaha
Ave. S. (Lake and Minnehaha), Minneapolis.

"El Contrato" shows what happens when migrant workers who pick tomatoes in
southern Ontario decide to take a stand to improve their working and
living conditions. It was produced by the Canadian Film Board. Sections
are in Spanish with English subtitles.

"We Can Keep the Silence No More" is by award-winning journalist Hollman
Morris. He documents death threats and other intimidation of a Colombian
journalist who exposes the government's human rights abuses, including the
massacre of an entire community. In Spanish with English subtitles.

For directions to the Resource Center and more information about the film
series, visit the LES website,

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From: humanrts [at]
Subject: Peace prize 4.21

April 21 - Annual Peace Prize Festival.  Time: All day.

*(This was originally scheduled for March 13, but postponed due to the
snow storm).

The 2004 nobel laureate speaker for that day, Dr. Wangara Maathai of
Kenya, was in town, and taped her remarks, which will be presented at the
Apr 21 event.  Tables are available for MAP member organizations.

See for more information.  Tabling
requests to Tom White tomwhite66 [at]
Location: Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Earth Day 4.22

Saturday, 4/22, Earth Day worldwide, all day.

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From: "Don,Rachel Christensen" <chris385 [at]>
Subject: Palestine 4.22 9am

Hennepin Av. United Methodist Church, 511 Groveland Av. at Lyndale

Films and discussion, facilitated by Jesse Benjamin, faculty member at St.
Cloud State University.

9:00 am - refreshments
9:30 - 11:00 - film followed by discussion - Palestine is Still the Issue
11:00 - 12:30 - film and discussion - Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land
12:45 - 1:35 - optional film - Israel's Secret Weapon

Co-sponsored by The Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers and member
organizations:  MN FOR, Palestine-Israel Justice Project, Peace and
Justice Committee of Hennepin Av. UMC, Pax Christi Twin Cities Area, St.
Joan of Arc Church, and Middle East Committee of WAMM

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: Immigrant 4.22 10am

Saturday, 4/22, 10 am, Resource Center of the Americas coffeehour on
Immigrants and Allies Look Toward May 1 (organizing activities), 3019
Minnehaha, Mpls 612-276-0788.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Iraq vet speaks 4.22 1pm

Iraq Veterans Against the War Member Geoffrey Millard to speak in

Saturday April 22 at Holy Trinity Church 2730 East 31st Street (near
Minnehaha Av and E Lake St) at 1pm

Iraq war veteran Sgt. Geoffrey Millard will visit the Twin Cities April
20th-22nd to speak about his eight years in the Army's 42nd Infantry
Division, from securing Ground Zero after 9/11 to serving thirteen months
in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He will be joined by Amy Santoriello, a Gold Star Family member from St.
Paul who lost her brother in Iraq.

Each speaker will give their perspective on the costs of war and the
crimes of war.

Speaking at the recent World Social Forum in Caracas, Millard said: "$440
billion have already been spent on this war.  This takes desperately
needed money away from social programs in my county, furthering and
advancing the build-up of the military industrial complex."

Millard, who is from Buffalo, New York, also said, "I invite all of you
who have a 'Support Our Troops' magnet on your car to come with me to the
VA hospital in Buffalo... I go there all the time...see the conditions
they are living in and how they are sleeping on a thin mattress on a piece
of plywood, go watch them die of gulf war syndrome... and understand that
our homeless problem in America consists largely of veterans, 33%
according to the department of defense."

Millard has been awarded numerous medals and commendations.

Suggested donation is $5-10, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

This event is sponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27, a non-profit,
non-partisan organization comprised of veterans from WWII to the present,
which aims to educate about the true costs of war, seek justice for
veterans and all victims of war, and to restrain our government from
interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.  We have around 600
members locally, and operate under the umbrella of a national
organization, along with over 100 other chapters nationwide.

For further information contact:
Barry Riesch    	  612-269-8934      	bwrvfp [at]
John Sherman   	  612-339-3898  	johnsherman [at]
Vets for Peace office   612-821-9141  	vfpchapter27 [at]

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: YAWR/walkout 4.22 2pm

Saturday, 4/22, 2 to 4pm, Youth Against War and Racism marshal training
for April 28th walkout, Walker Community Church, 3104 - 16th Ave S, Mpls.
against.war [at]

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Homeland decency 4.22 3pm

hosted by LYDIA HOWELL, host of "Catalyst" on KFAI

>From Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain to The Daily Show, Z Magazine's Lydia
Sargent and the comic strips of Tom Tmorrow, biting satire is a mighty
weapon to deflate the powerful!

FRANK FULLER and SUSAN FULLER take aim at the Religious Right in their
longtime writer and former editor at PULSE, Newspaper, and Susan, a
longtime TC actor and "voice" on radio and TV commercials, team up to tell
you everything you need to know in the Brave New Puritan World.

This author's talk includes an appearence by an official from the
Department of Homeland Decency to set you on the right(wing) path of
righteous consumerism, clearly-defined standards of masculine authority
and feminine propriety.

You'll find out how to restore unwavering committment to Our Blessed
Leaders and uphold public safety from feminists, messy lawns, evolution,
OHF (Our Homosexual Friends), treasonous vegitarians and any mention of
doing "it"---all in the service of a Strong America that can fight
terrorism and all threats to Our Traditional Way of Life.

Come prepared to laugh! [Those not prepsared to laugh will be stretched on
the rack until they are. -ed]

Check out an interview with Frank & Susan Fuller (in the ARTS Section) of
the new online journal

301 Cedar Ave. South (basement HUB Bicycle, door frwy side of bldg)
WEST BANK, Minneapolis (612)333-4719

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From: Charles Underwood <charleyunderwood [at]>
Subject: IATP blast 4.22 5pm

Saturday, 4/22, 5 to 9 pm, 20th Anniversary celebration of Institute of
Agriculture and Trade Policy, Historic Depot, 225 - 3rd Ave S, Mpls.
amicka [at] or 612-879-7587.

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From: Tom Taylor <tom [at]>
Subject: Hot dish revolution 4.22 5pm

I wanted to fill you in a little more on the return of the annual culinary
throw-down here in lovely lower NE MPLS ~ The Hot Dish Revolution.

On April 22nd the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (HNIA) will
once again throw caution to the wind and attempt to establish just what
neighborhood and individual can produce the best dang hot dish.

Last year's Hot Dish Revolution not only raised the bar for the epicurean
standards everywhere hot dishes are produced and consumed but it also
firmly established the Sheridan Neighborhood as reigning Hot Dish Hoo-Haas
as they soundly trotted away with the most wins per category as well as
the coveted "Pretty Dang Good Hot Dish" award. [Coveted by Sheridan,
anyway, so far -ed]

This year's hot dish hoedown will take place at The Firefighters Hall and
Museum; located at 664 22nd Av. NE, Mpls.  The email below from Kevin Rich
with HNIA sheds a little more light on the timing of this year's culinary
competition. [Pumper ready for emergency service -ed]

If you have any questions please get a hold of Kevin Reich and let the
revolution begin! tt

Tom Taylor 612-788-4252

[The hot dish revolution will not be televised. Come see why. -ed]

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From: Julie Risser <julie.risser [at]>
Subject: Green candidates/TV 4.22 6pm

See Green Party Candidates on Channels 16 & 17

An hour-long "Green Candidates" show is scheduled for broadcast at the
following times:

Saturday, April 22 6pm, Channel 17
Sunday,   April 30 6pm, Channel 17
Sunday,   May 5   11pm, Channel 16
Saturday, May 13   6pm, Channel 17

The show includes seven candidates seeking Green Party endorsement Mike
Cavlan, Jesse Mortenson (endorsed), Farheen Hakeem, Julie Risser
(endorsed), Doug Mann, Dave Berger, and Jay Pond.

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From: Makara Fairman <mnboxcityvigil [at]>
Subject: Box city vigil 4.22 6:30pm

My name is Mary Palin and I am a senior at Jefferson High School in
Bloomington.  This year, I am organizing an event at the Minnesota State
Capitol called the Box City Vigil.  It is an event to raise awareness for
homeless youth.  It is primarily planned by youth from Bloomington's
Jefferson and Kennedy High School.

The event is taking place on April 22, 2006.  The Box City team has spoken
to Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak and St.  Paul's Mayor Chris Coleman as well
as our Bloomington Mayor Gene Winstead and Hennipen County Commissioner
Gail Dorfman.

Apart from youth homelessness, this event will also focus on teenagers'
ability to make a difference in our community.  The Box City Vigil is
almost 100% student-led, a fact we are very proud of.  We want to be able
to show our peers that you don't have to be an adult to have a voice in
this world.

Check-in at the event begins at 6:30 this coming Saturday and the Box City
Team leaders will kick off the event at 7:45.  If enough legistlative
members come, we are hoping to have some time designated to them and their
hopes for creating a safe and friendly community.  The event will also
have various speakers, entertainment, and snacks.  The Box City team has
reigstered for National Youth Service Day.  We have also teamed up with
the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, Youth Venture, and Bloomington
United for Youth.  Woriking together, we hope to make a difference in the
community and in the state.

Please consider joining us this Saturday, April 22nd at the State Capitol
in St. Paul.  For more information about the event itself, you can visit
our website at

Makara Fairman, Mary Palin, and Tina Wu Box City Vigil 4001 West 102nd
Street Bloomington, MN 55437 952.451.0574

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From: Stephen Feinstein <feins001 [at]>
Subject: Armenia/genocide 4.22 8pm

"The Armenian Genocde: 90 Years Later"
Saturday April 22, 8PM, TPT Channel 17
(Check cable listing for correct station: 13 on Time Warner)

repeated: TPT Channel 2
Sunday April 23, 1PM followed by

Sunday, April 23, 2PM TPT  Channel 2
The Armenian Genocide (Goldberg doc)
followed by

Sunday, April 23, 3pm  TPT Channel 2"Exploring the Issues" (the panel
discussion between Armenian and Turkish scholars and writers).

Monday, April 24 TPT Channel 17 8pm (Check cable listing for
correct station: 13 on Time Warner)

The Armenian Genocide (Goldberg documentary)

followed by
9pm Exploring the Issues (panel discussion))

Descriptions of the Broadcasts:

"The Armenian Genocde: 90 Years Later" Interviews with University of
Minnesota Professors Eric Weitz, Taner Akcam, Stephen Feinstein, and
members of the Armenian Community: Dr. Lou Ann Matossian, Chacke Scallen,
Massi Yeterian and Helen Balian speaking about the memory and moral,
ethical, and political issues involved in recognition of the Armenian
Genocide of 1915. The 54 minute production was nominated for a Regional
Emmy Award and also received the Severeid Award from Northwestern
Broadcasters Association.

Andrew Goldberg's nationally Televised Documentary and Post-Documentary

A new documentary called "The Armenian Genocide" is the complete story of
the first genocide of the 20th century--when over a million Armenians died
at the hands of the Ottoman Turks during World War I. This unprecedented
and powerful one-hour documentary, scheduled to air April 17 at 10PM on
PBS, (check local listings for possible changes) was written, directed,
and produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Andrew Goldberg of Two Cats
Productions, in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting. Featuring
interviews with leading experts in the field such as Pulitzer
Prize-winning author Samantha Power and New York Times best-selling
author, Peter Balakian, this film features never-before-seen historical
footage of the events and key players of one of the greatest untold
stories of the 20th century. The Armenian genocide is narrated by Julianna
Margulies and includes historical narrations by Ed Harris, Natalie
Portman, Laura Linney, and Orlando Bloom.

"What the word 'Genocide' connotes is a systematic campaign of
destruction. If you simply call the horrors of 1915 'crimes against
humanity' or 'atrocities,' it doesn't fully convey just how methodical
this campaign of slaughter and deportation really was, and I think that's
why historians look at the record and they really can come to no other
conclusion but that this word, Genocide, applies to this methodical
campaign of destruction," says Samantha Power.

Filmed in the US, France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, and Syria, the program
features discussions with Kurdish and Turkish citizens in modern-day
Turkey who speak openly about the stories told to them by their parents
and grandparents.

To this day, Turkey denies that the Genocide occurred and steadfastly
maintains this position. The film includes testimony by former Turkish
Diplomat Gunduz Aktan to US lawmakers in the year 2000, where he explains
the official Turkish position on the issue. "The Turkish people firmly
believe that what happened to the Armenian people was not Genocide," Aktan

"As Turkey seeks to join the European Union, 90 years later, this film can
give people a much better understanding of why this issue is such an
important and current part of the international conversation about
Turkey's role in the world today," said Goldberg. Two Cats Productions is
a documentary production company in New York City led by Andrew Goldberg.
His television credits include PBS, ABC News, E!, CNN, and countless
others. In addition, he produced The Armenians, A Story of Survival, which
aired on PBS stations nationally in 2002 and was awarded the CINE Golden

POST-DOCUMENTARY DISCUSSION: Features Professor Taner Akcam, University of
Minnesota and Professor Peter Balakian, Colgate University speaking on the
Armenian position and Professor Justin McCarthy, University of Memphis and
Professor Omer Turan, Middle East Technical University in Ankara, speaking
about the Turkish view. This discussion is not being shown in most
national markets because of protests about the failure of the Turkish
Republic to recognize the massacres of 1915 as genocide.

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Greens endorse Cape Cod wind farm

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders announced their support for an
offshore wind turbine project being proposed by Cape Wind Associates six
miles offshore of Nantucket Sound.

"This 130-turbine wind farm will provide 74% of the electricity used by
Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, and would displace two million
barrels of oil each year," said Julie Risser, Green candidate for
Minnesota State Senate in District 41, <>.

Greens noted that the project has support from most major environmental
groups, as well as the Seafarers' International Union, which includes
local Cape Cod fishermen.

Among the wind farm's opponents are wealthy Cape Cod homeowners, including
Mass. Sen. Ted Kennedy, his nephew Robert Kennedy, Jr., and the Alliance
to Protect Nantucket Sound, whose first president was CEO of Phelps-Dodge,
a mining corporation that placed first on the EPA list of toxic emitters
in Arizona and New Mexico.  Other opponents include Senators John Warner
and Lamar Alexander, whose families also own waterfront property on the

Green Party activists are urging Congress to reject provisions in the
Coast Guard bill (Section 414 of the Coast Guard conference report) that
would allow Gov. Mitt Romney, who opposes the project, to cancel it
<>.  The Green Party has
consistently called on Congress to increase funding for convervation,
energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Contrary to rumors, noise from the wind farm will be minimal:
approximately 30 decibels, equivalent to a whisper at 40 feet, less than
the ambient breeze and much less than the noisy, polluting, and
energy-inefficient power boats operated by some wealthy Cape Cod
residents. The wind farm will occupy an area equivalent to one New York
City block.

Greens, citing recent figures that the U.S. emitted more greenhouse gases
in 2004 than at any time in history
stressed that the wind farm project will open up the field of wind power
for widespread development across the country which in turn will make a
significant dent in emissions that contribute to global warming.

"Cape Wind is the largest renewable-energy project east of the
Mississippi, making it a vital building block in the struggle to stop
global warming," said Charles Komanoff, of Komanoff Energy Associates and
a respected energy economist and environmental activist.  "It is also a
test for the environmental movement: do we keep faith with the promises we
made as antinuke and antifossil fuel activists throughout the 1970s and
1980s to embrace energy efficiency, solar and wind power?  The choice is
crystal clear, and Greens are leading the way."

Green Party of the United  States
1700 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite  404
Washington, DC 20009.
202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
Fax  202-319-7193

Green Party Eco-Action  Committee

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Can We Make Chemical Trespass Illegal?
  In Pennsylvania, local governments have begun to confront corporate
  power directly, enacting ordinances intended to define corporations
  instead of merely "regulating" their behavior. The ideas embodied
  within these ordinances have been hammered out by Pennsylvania
  citizens in open debate, but the legal language has been crafted by
  the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). Here we
  present a new model ordinance from CELDF, not yet enacted anywhere,
  which defines "chemical trespass" (toxicants entering our bodies
  without our consent), prohibits it, and punishes corporations (and
  their directors) if they do it. To understand the goals of this
  innovative approach to corporate power, you really should attend
  Democracy School, which we recommend highly.

From: Rachel's Democracy & Health News #851, Apr. 20, 2006

Corporate Chemical Trespass -- A Model Ordinance
By Thomas Linzey


This "Corporate Chemical Trespass" ordinance was developed by the
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), a Pennsylvania
non-profit law firm. CELDF is making this model ordinance available to
anyone interested in mobilizing their communities to confront chemical
trespass by chemical corporations and the directors of those corporations.

CELDF ordinances are designed to be discussed, perfected, and used as
linchpins of organizing campaigns conducted in coordination with the
Daniel Pennock Democracy Schools. These ordinances and Democracy Schools
reject a regulatory mode of organizing, and instead seek to assert local
control directly over corporations and the few who run them.

Anyone interested in exploring this ordinance and Democracy Schools for
use in their municipality, may contact CELDF at (717) 709-0457,
info [at],, or Richard Grossman at
rgrossman [at]

Liberty Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Ordinance No. 2006-

An Ordinance of Liberty Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,
Prohibiting Chemical Bodily Trespass within the Township; Establishing
Strict Liability and Burden of Proof Standards for Corporate Chemical
Trespass; and Subordinating Chemical Corporations to the People of Liberty

Section 1. Name. The name of this Ordinance shall be the "Liberty Township
Chemical Trespass Ordinance."

Section 2. Authority. This Ordinance is adopted and enacted pursuant to
the authority granted to the Township by all relevant state and federal
laws including, but not limited, to the following:

 The Declaration of Independence, which declares that governments are
instituted to secure people's rights, and that government derives its just
powers from the consent of the governed;

 The Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 1, 2 which declares that "all
power is inherent in the people and all free governments are founded on
their authority and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness";

 The Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 1, 27, which declares
that "the people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the
preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the

 Common law, which recognizes well-settled rules governing the tort
of trespass, and which requires injunctive, compensatory, and punitive
relief to be assessed for unauthorized intrusions;

 The provisions of the Second Class Township Code Article XV, as
codified in 53 P.S.  66501 et seq. that provide for the protection
and preservation of the natural resources and human resources, and for the
promotion, protection, and facilitation of public health, safety, and

 The provisions of the Second Class Township Code, Article XVI, as
codified in 53 P.S.  66601 et seq. that authorizes the Township to
enact ordinances dealing with the protection of the township residents'
health, nuisances, and promotion of public safety.

Section 3. Purpose. The Board of Supervisors of Liberty Township
recognizes that over eighty thousand (80,000) corporate-produced chemicals
are currently used in the United States, and that scientists estimate that
over seven hundred (700) of those corporate-produced chemicals are now
found within the body of every human. Only a small percentage of those
chemicals have ever been screened for even one potential health effect,
such as cancer, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, or injury
to the immune system. Among the approximately fifteen thousand (15,000)
chemicals tested, few have been studied enough to conclude that there are
no potential risks from exposure. Even when testing is done, each chemical
is tested individually rather than in synergistic combinations that
reflect actual human exposure in the real world. The Board recognizes that
one thousand eight hundred (1,800) new chemicals enter the stream of
commerce annually -- thus entering into the bodies of people, and into the
air, water, soil, and food -- with few of those chemicals tested for
adverse impacts on human health or ecosystems. The Board recognizes that
sufficient data and experience exists for a reasonable person to conclude
that a significant percentage of both currently used and newly
manufactured chemicals are harmful to humans, animals, and ecosystems.

Section 4. Purpose. The purpose of this Ordinance is to recognize that it
is an inviolate, fundamental, and inalienable right of each person
residing within the Township of Liberty to be free from involuntary
invasions of their bodies by corporate chemicals. The Board of Supervisors
of Liberty Township declares that persons owning and managing corporations
that manufacture chemicals and chemical compounds trespassing on the
bodies of residents of the Township must be held liable for those
trespasses. The Board of Supervisors also declares that the failure and
refusal of the United States' government and the government of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to ensure that corporate chemicals do not
trespass on the residents of Liberty Township makes them jointly and
severally liable for those trespasses.

Section 5. Definitions. As used throughout this Ordinance, the following
words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

"Corporation" -- any corporation organized under the laws of any state of
the United States or any country.

"Deposition" -- the placement of a toxic chemical or potentially toxic
chemical within the body of a person. The act of deposition shall be
assumed if a toxic chemical or potentially toxic chemical is detected
within the body of a person.

"Municipality" -- the Township of Liberty.

"Person" -- a natural person.

"Syndicate" -- includes any limited partnership, limited liability
partnership, business trust, or limited liability company organized under
the laws of any state of the United States or any country.

"Toxic chemicals and potentially toxic chemicals" -- includes, but is not
limited to, polychlorinated biphenyls, organophosphate pesticides,
organochlorine pesticides, carbamate insecticides, PBDE, polychlorinated
dibenzofurans, phytoestrogens, and pyrethroid pesticides. The phrase shall
include other chemicals or chemical compounds that have been found to
cause adverse effects to animals, humans, or ecosystems, including those
chemicals or chemical compounds deemed to be mutagenic, neurotoxic,
carcinogenic, or reproductive and developmental toxicants.

"Township resident" -- a natural person who maintains a primary residence
within the Township of Liberty.

"Trespass" -- as used within this Ordinance, the involuntary deposition of
toxic or potentially toxic chemicals within a human body.

Section 6. Statement of Law -- Chemical Trespass. All residents of the
Township of Liberty possess a fundamental and inalienable right to the
integrity of their bodies, and thus, have a right to be free from unwanted
chemical invasions of their bodies.

Section 7. Statement of Law -- Prohibition. The deposition of toxic
chemicals or potentially toxic chemicals within the body of any resident
of Liberty Township is declared a form of trespass, and is hereby
prohibited. No corporation or syndicate shall engage in the production,
distribution, use, and/or sale of toxic chemicals and potentially toxic
chemicals within the Township of Liberty.

Section 8. Statement of Law -- Culpable Parties. Persons owning or
managing corporations which manufacture or generate toxic or potentially
toxic chemicals detected within the body of any resident of Liberty
Township shall be deemed culpable parties, along with the corporation
itself, for the recovery of trespass damages, compensatory damages,
punitive damages, and the instatement of permanent injunctive relief. If
more than one corporation manufactured or generated the detected chemical
or chemical compound, persons owning and managing those corporations,
along with the corporations themselves, shall be held jointly and
severally liable for those damages, in addition to being subject to
injunctive relief.

Section 9. Statement of Law -- Requirement to Produce. Corporations
manufacturing or generating toxic or potentially toxic chemicals detected
within the body of a Township resident shall provide information about the
manufacture or generation of those chemicals to the municipality
sufficient for a determination by the municipality of the culpability of
that particular corporation for the manufacturing or generation of a
particular toxic or potentially toxic chemical.

Section 10. Statement of Law -- Duty of Municipality. It shall be the duty
of the municipality to protect the right of residents of the Township to
be free from chemical trespass under the provisions of this Ordinance, and
to obtain damages for any violation of that right. If the presence of
toxic and/or potentially toxic chemicals is detected within the body of
any Township resident, the municipality shall initiate litigation to
recover trespass, compensatory, and punitive damages -- and permanent
injunctive relief -- from all culpable parties. If a significant number of
Township residents have been similarly trespassed against, the
municipality shall select representative plaintiffs and file a class
action on behalf of all Township residents to recover trespass,
compensatory, and punitive damages -- and permanent injunctive relief --
from all culpable parties.

Section 11. Statement of Law -- Strict Liability. Culpable parties shall
be deemed strictly liable if one of their toxic or potentially toxic
chemical or chemical compounds is discovered within the body of a Township
resident. The municipality's showing of the existence of that chemical or
chemical compound within the body of a resident living in the Township,
and the municipality's showing that the Defendant(s) are responsible for
the manufacture or generation of that chemical, shall constitute a prime
facie showing of causation under a strict liability standard. Current and
future damages resulting from the culpable parties' trespass shall be
assumed, and the burden of proof shall shift to the culpable parties for a
showing that the chemical or chemical compound could not cause harm or
contribute to causing harm, either alone or in combination with other
factors, or that the culpable parties are not responsible for the trespass
of that particular chemical into the body of residents of the Township.

Section 12. Statement of Law -- Corporate Constitutional Protections. No
corporation or syndicate engaged in, or planning to engage in, the
manufacture, distribution, and/or sale of toxic chemicals or potentially
toxic chemicals within the Township of Liberty shall be protected, or
empowered by, the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution, or by
rights claimed within the text of the United States or Pennsylvania
Constitutions, within the Township of Liberty. No corporation or syndicate
engaged in, or planning to engage in, the manufacture, distribution,
and/or sale of toxic chemicals or potentially toxic chemicals within the
Township shall be deemed a "person" for purposes of the Pennsylvania or
United States Constitutions, nor shall such corporations or syndicates
have the legal standing to assert State or federal preemptive law against
the municipality or the people of Liberty Township.

Section 13. Statement of Law -- Corporate Constitutional Protections. A
corporation or syndicate deemed a culpable party under this Ordinance
shall not be protected, or empowered by, the Bill of Rights to the United
States Constitution, or by rights claimed within the text of the United
States or Pennsylvania Constitution. Such corporation or syndicate shall
not have legal standing to assert State or federal preemptive law against
the municipality or the people of Liberty Township.

Section 14. Statement of Law -- Municipal Testing. Liberty Township shall
select a laboratory with expertise in the testing for toxic chemicals and
potentially toxic chemicals and chemical compounds, including, but not
limited to, those chemical compounds listed in 5 of this Ordinance. The
Township shall provide financial resources for the first ten residents who
request to be tested for the presence of toxic chemicals and potentially
toxic chemicals and chemical compounds within their bodies, and make all
reasonable efforts to provide financial resources for the testing of
additional residents.

Section 15. Enforcement. The Township Board of Supervisors shall notify
the Code Enforcement Officer of any possible violations, and any resident
of the Township may also notify the Township of any possible violations.
In addition to civil litigation brought against culpable parties by the
municipality, all violations of this Ordinance shall be considered
criminal summary offenses. The Board of Supervisors authorizes a fine of
up to $1,000.00 per violation. Each day of non-compliance shall be
considered a separate violation of this Ordinance. The Township may also
file an action in equity in the Court of Common Pleas of Westmoreland
County, Pennsylvania, or any other Court of competent jurisdiction to
abate any violation of this Ordinance. If the Township fails to bring an
action to enforce this Ordinance, or fails to diligently prosecute an
action to enforce this Ordinance, any resident of the Township shall have
legal standing to enforce the provisions of this Ordinance.

Section 16. Severability. The provisions of this Ordinance are severable,
and if any section, clause, sentence, part, or provision thereof shall be
held illegal, invalid or unconstitutional by any court of relevant
jurisdiction, such decision of the court shall not affect, impair, or
invalidate any of the remaining sections, clauses, sentences, parts or
provisions of this Ordinance. It is hereby declared to be the intent of
the Supervisors that this Ordinance would have been adopted if a provision
deemed by the Court to be illegal, invalid, or constitutional would not
have been included herein.

Section 17. Effect. This Ordinance shall be effective immediately upon its

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The Stadium Poems

Back in April of 02 there was another of the perennial attempts to
redestribute wealth upwards from us to Carl Pohlad and his heirs, led by
his faithful paid redistribution song and dance mind benders.

People said, Surely the stadium is dead - who wants it? But it took a lot
of Leg time, time that should have been spent on more pressing real

But after that, People said, Surely it is now dead for all time!

But it never is. Carl Pohlad and Red McCombs & Co decide that the best
thing the Leg and the people of Minnesota can do is debate how soon to
give them semi-loads full of money (in 20s, please). They decide this
every two years; after all the Leg is new every two years, and you never
can tell when the song and dance will bamboozle the rubes.

So just as Minnesota is every year two seasons, Winter or Road Repair, it
is every two years two durations, StadiumStadiumStadium or Waiting For
StadiumStadiumStadium.  (Hibernation was invented long ago by far-seeing
bears as a way of RipVanWinkling through the SSS phase; just thinking of
it can leave them sleeping for days in the open).

I wrote The Stadium Poems in 02, then archived them in a secure but easily
retreived location, safe in the knowledge that I had a permanent
ready-made piece that I could tote out every two years as as new as today,
topical and trendy.  Also, I was promised it would generate a giggling
gaggle of stadium poem groupies; and just because it hasn't worked yet
doesn't mean it might not this time.

It is also an interesting poetic challenge to take as a topic something as
unexciting and exquisitly dull as tedium, same old same old squared or
cubed, deja vu eating its own tail.

And it captures part of the essence of Minnesota. Can you even imagine a
new MN Leg without a craven stadium appeal, the resulting months of
stadium tedium, and the glorious feeling of freedom when it is finally
deep sixed for another two years? I know I can't.

A relative of mine on his deathbed whisper-rasped, "I shall not live to
see the morrow, and the SSS thereof. I die a happy man."

And now, and with a new last section,

T H E   S T A D I U M   P O E M S

"The medium is the tedium.
The tedium is the message."
-The Glutenborg Galaxy by Martial McLuney

1. Life in Minnesota  [to be read out loud  s l o w l y  for full effect]



stadium tedium
stadium tedium stadium

tedium stadium stadium
tedium tedium stadium

sta di um   te di um
sta  di  um      te  di   um
sta    di   um         te   di   um
sta      di     um              te    di     um
sta         di         um                   te           di       um


sta te di di um um
state didi umum

mumu idid etats
mu mu id id et ats

muidats muidet

2. You Take the E Road

breakfast lunch dinner
breakfas s lunc s dinne s
breakfa st lun st dinn st
breakf sta lu sta din sta
break stad l stad di stad
brea stadi stadi d stadi
bre stadiu stadiu stadiu
br stadium stadium stadium
b stadium stadium stadium
stadium stadium stadium

community democracy
communit democrac P
communi democra Po
commun democr Poh
commu democ Pohl
comm demo Pohla
com dem Pohlad
co de Pohlad Pohlad
c d Pohlad Pohlad Pohlad
Pohlad Pohlad Pohlad Pohlad

3. Fat Chants

stadium stadium!

sta-di sta-di um-um-dum!
sta-di sta-di um-dum-dum!
um-dum um-dum sta-di-um!

sta-di dum-di-dum-di-dum!
dum dum dum dum sta-di-um!

4. Souper Mantra

Um um bad
Um um bad
That's what stadium is
Um um bad
5. Just Due It!

Root in the stydium
squeal a big liedium
never ask whydium
just dues or diedium

6. Seed

We bleed
with need
but feed
the weed
of greed.

Our creed:
we're teed.

7. Stadium Press Release

A podium
(mother lodium)
of toadium

8. Half-Life in Minnesota

Debt for the stadium
Lives longer than radium.

9. New Meaning

Pohlad's lawyers
give new meaning to
the old phrase
"devil's advocates"

10. King Carl on his knees [A new section for 2006]

What so same old same old
as a rich man on his knees
picking our pockets?

His palsied hand slides in
shaking and clumsy.
Give me my money goddamit!

Money money money! he sings he chants he squeals.

We push his tick-like hand away;
under squinty eyes he spits venom at us
and curses, How dare that scum
disobey King Pohlad! Off with his head!

King Carl eats money
shovelling vast quantities
into his open slack-jawed maw;
and just as fast as it
goes in green at one end
it comes out brown at the other
an overflowing mountain
filling our streets
higher and higher:
King Carl's essence
and most lasting legacy.


   - David Shove             shove001 [at]
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