Progressive Calendar 04.16.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 04:27:06 -0700 (PDT)
             P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R    04.16.06

1. Corp media      4.16 3pm
2. KFAI's Indian   4.16 4pm
3. Venezuela       4.16 6:30pm
4. Arab TV         4.16 10:30pm

5. Batterers up    4.17 9am
6. Welfare rights  4.17 12noon
7. 911 meeting     4.17 7pm
8. Luther/Jews     4.17 7pm
9. Gay "Capt Sulu" 4.17 7:30pm

10. Stephen Greenfield - Hillary is a hawk
11. John Pilger        - Continuing quiet death of democracy

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From: Eric Angell <eric-angell [at]>
Subject: Corp media 4.16 3pm

IMPACT (Ideas to Mobilize People Against Corporate Tyranny) presents the
documentary film: "Orwell Rolls in His Grave"

Sunday, April 16, 3-5pm
Acadia Cafe
1931 Nicollet Ave (Intersection of Franklin & Nicollet Aves)

Is today's corporate media any different than the media of George Orwell's
"1984"?  Robert McChesney, Bernie Sanders, Jeff Chester, Michael Moore,
Greg Palast, Danny Schechter...

Events are always FREE.  We encourage participants to come early and
purchase refreshments from the cafe hosting us.  Free parking is available
in the lot across Nicollet Ave.

FFI: Karen Redleaf at 651-644-1487, vegan14ever [at] or

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From: Chris Spotted Eagle <chris [at]>
Subject: KFAI's Indian 4.16 4pm

ANOTHER CAUTION ON GLOBAL WARMING by Mike Toner, Cox News Service, March
23, 2006.  Accelerated melting of polar ice sheets could eventually raise
sea level as much as 20 feet -- enough to swamp coastal lowlands
throughout the world, researchers reported Thursday.

Tribune Commentary Mar. 20, 2006.  In a thirsty world, there's a high
price to pay for bottled water -- and the product is not all that it's
marketed to be.  March 22 marks World Water Day. This year's theme,
designated by the United Nations, is "Water and Culture." The hope is that
the world's people will reflect on the cultural and sacred qualities of
water -- from a baby's baptism to a ritual bath in the Ganges River -- as
a reminder of its value in our lives.  See attached.

Stevenson, Associated Press, March 19, 2006.  MEXICO CITY - The numbers
behind the world's water crisis are daunting.  About 1.1 billion people
lack clean drinking water, causing diseases that kill 3.1 million people a
year. And 1.7 million deaths could be prevented with better sanitation.
Some of those attending the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico City focused
instead on smaller numbers, such as the average distance women in
developing countries walk each day to fetch water: nearly 4 miles.

WATER FORM.  Indigenous brothers and sisters gathered at the 4th World
Water Forum held in Mexico City. A grassroots parallel forum was held on
March 17 -18th since many Indigenous peoples from Mexico were not able to
pay the high registration fees charged by the World Water Forum. An
Indigenous Peoples Parallel Forum was attended by over 100 Indigenous
peoples from Mexico, U.S., Canada, and South America. Indigenous
participants consistently spoke to the concerns of local authorities and
the government in their countries not recognizing the rights of Indigenous
communities to water.  See attached.

* * * *
Indian Uprising is a one-half hour Public & Cultural Affairs radio program
for, by, and about Indigenous people & all their relations, broadcast each
Sunday at 4:00 p.m. over KFAI 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul.
Current programs are archived online after broadcast at, for
two weeks.  Click Program Archives and scroll to Indian Uprising.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Venezuela 4.16 6:30pm

Sun April 16: Film and Discussion - Venezuela Bolivariana
6:30pm at the Twin Cities Friends Meeting, 1725 Grand Ave. in St. Paul

*No to US Intervention!
Respect Venezuela's Sovereignty and Democracy!*

Venezuela is under the gun. The Bush Administration and its allies simply
cannot tolerate a country that uses windfall profits from high oil prices
to invest in social programs such as health care, education, housing, and
nutrition. The cannot tolerate that a poor country can afford to give
reduced heating oil to the poorest citizens in the US while US
corporations gouge us at the pump and pocket billions in profits. They
cannot tolerate that Venezuela's participatory democracy, in which
millions of people feel for the first time that they actually have a say
in their government's policies and priorities, is the polar opposite of
the "democracy" Bush and the Pentagon are exporting to countries like

Based on past US actions and recent pronouncements against Venezuela, we
can be sure that at this very moment, behind the closed doors of the State
Department, the CIA, the Pentagon, in the chambers of Congress, and in
corporate board rooms in both the US and Venezuela, there are plans to
bring down President Chávez and Venezuelan democracy.

That's why it is urgent that we take action - loud action - from the
smallest of towns to the largest of cities, to expose, counter, and resist
these efforts to topple Venezuelan democracy. The best way we can do that
is to build a massive international grass roots movement in solidarity
with Venezuela.

On the weekend of March 4-6, dozens of organizations and hundreds of
individuals came together in Washington, DC to form a Venezuela Solidarity
Network (VSN). Following on the success of the December 2, 2005
international day of action to mark the anniversary of the Monroe
Doctrine, a Calendar of Venezuela Grassroots Solidarity Actions was
adopted by the conference delegates as part of building broad grassroots
opposition to US intervention in Venezuela. There are four main dates
proposed for coordinated international action, with several other dates of
interest included for those who wish to organize additional activities.
The first action is:

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From: Ahmed <ata200221 [at]>
Subject: Arab TV 4.16 10:30pm

Professor Ahmed Samatar, Dean of International studies at Macalester
College, will address the Dubai Port Deal and the business of
Globalization Ala Carte - what went wrong and the impact on the
international relation in the Middle East? Why is everyone now scared
of the Arabs?

Ahmed Tharwat/Host
BelAhdan with Ahmed
Arab Americans TV show
Airs on MN Public TV Ch17
Sundays at 10:30pm
And every Tuesday at 6:30pm ET on
National TV/ Bridges TV
Channel 578 on DISH Network

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From: humanrts [at]
Subject: Batterers up 4.17 9am

April 17 - Programs For Batterers:  Are they effective?.  9am-12noon.
Cost: Free!.

Presenter:  Jeffrey Edleson, Ph.D., Director of MN Center Against Violence
and Abuse

Registration at  Questions:
612.624.6674 or mincava [at]

Location: UMN St. Paul Campus Student Center Theatre, 2017 Buford

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From: Tracy Molm <molm [at]>
Subject: Welfare rights 4.17 12noon

Welfare Rights Bannering

Monday 4/17 @ 12:00 noon @ Governor's Mansion, 1006 Summit Ave, St. Paul.
We will have a big banner and hold a presence for about an hour. Bring any
extra tax forms you have - we will write messages to the governor on them!
Join with the Welfare Rights Committee as we send Governor Pawleny a
message - "Fund children's needs, not rich people's greed!" For more info
call WRC at 612-822-8020 or email us at
<mailto:welfarerightsmn [at]>welfarerightsmn [at]

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From: alteravista [at]
Subject: 911 meeting

>Mon. 4/3, 7 pm:  Meeting of MN 911 group;

Lori's CoffeeHouse. Cleveland at Buford. 4 blocks S of Larpenteur.
1 block west of the Farm Campus Student Union.

Directions: Hwy 94, N on 280 to Larpenteur, E 1 mile to Cleveland, S 4
blocks to Buford (stoplight). If the street is full, parking in back.

>Also a reminder to the group:
>Reminder--Meeting of MN 911 group on Monday, April 3, at

See above

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From: Stephen Feinstein <feins001 [at]>
Subject: Luther/Jews 4.17 7pm

The 21st Jewish-Christian Seminar
Luther and the Jews: From Diatribe to Dialogue
Monday, April 17, 7-9pm
Luther Seminary, Northwestern Hall

Based on the visiting exhibit, "Jews of the Luthertown Wittenberg in the
Third Reich." Join us as we examine the stories and pictures, hear from
theologian Darrell Jodock, and engage in conversation facilitated by
Jewish and Christian leaders. The exhibit will be open for viewing before
and after the dialogue. Kosher refreshments will be served.

Luther's writings on the Jews helped fuel the tension between Jews and
Christians during the Holocaust. A powerful exhibit of photos and
artifacts from Jewish life in the German city of Wittenberg during the
1930s and 40s hopes to foster communication and healing. The exhibit will
be on display at Luther Seminary, March 29-May 31.

Cost is $35 for the general public, $15 for students.

Dr. Darrell Jodock is the Drell and Adeline Bernhardson Distinguished
Professor of Religion at Gustavus Adolphus College. He
is passionate about Jewish-Christian relations. Currently he chairs the
ELCA panel on Lutheran-Jewish Relations and is the co-author of a
forthcoming book Exploring Issues in Jewish-Christian Dialogue. At
Gustavus, he teaches courses on the Holocaust and on the legacy of Martin

Discussion Leaders:

The Rev. M. Susan Peterson is senior pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church,
St. Paul.

Rabbi Adam Spilker is senior rabbi at Mount Zion Temple, St. Paul.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Gay "Capt Sulu" 4.17 7:30pm

The Human Rights Campaign's Coming Out Project and Star Trek's George
Takei are embarking on a nationwide tour for Equality Trek, and are coming
to a city near you!

George Takei made international headlines when he announced he is gay, and
that he and his partner, Brad Altman, have been living together for 18

Mr. Takei is now touring the country sharing his story on behalf of the
Human Rights Campaign.

Come hear the story of Star Trek's Mr. Sulu as he discusses his life on
and off the set and the importance of being out and open.

Forward this message to ten friends and family in the area - admission is
free and all are welcome!

Captain Sulu
George Takei as Captain Sulu
in TV's Star Trek

Monday, April 17
7:30 pm
University of Minnesota
Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Building
Room 3-210
200 Union Street SE, Minneapolis

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Written by STEPHEN GREENFIELD, NY peace activist:

IT IS NOT an act. The spin that it's an act is the act. It's an act
intended to disorient the peace movement, playing on that movement's
tendency to grasp at any straw of hope.

Hillary Clinton is a hawk. Beginning, middle, and end of story. It is not
a matter of pre-2008 primary electoral posturing. What is the motive to
even try to view it in some other light? When making your analysis, treat
her like any other politician. Look at her voting record. Read her
statements. Examine her political biography. Review her closest political
associations (the DLC, which she co-directs, from the Democrats, and Newt
Gingrich from the Republicans). There is only one conclusion that can be
drawn. She is a hawk.

When people, especially the media, ask about the whether Hillary Clinton
needs to "appear" strong on military affairs to be taken seriously as a
presidential contender, just say no, she's not merely generating an
"appearance" of pro-militarism, and without pausing, point out that being
strong on military affairs means ensuring that the military and its
personnel are never harmed, corrupted, divided, and over-extended through
use in wars of aggression, and that playing fast and loose with the lives
of our servicemembers and the indebted national treasury for political
expediency is a sign of weak leadership and ethics, and that the only
alternative explanation, that she actually believes in non-defensive
warfare, is too immoral for the notion of her elevation to the Presidency
to be entertained even for purposes of discussion.

If you oppose the wars we currently have, and those soon to start, you
must oppose Hillary Clinton with every fiber of your being.

The peace movement in NY State is developing momentum away from Hillary in
2006. I see it everywhere I travel. The best way to help this process
along is to stay on-message, and don't equivocate: Hillary Clinton is a
hawk. Throw it as often and hard as you can -- it's starting to stick.

Steve Greenfield

[The problem is, if Hillary is a hawk, and the Dems nominate her, as seems
likely, then the Dems have once again sold out peace, and there will be
for another 4 years no "major" party prez for peace. This has to be very
unsettling; the classic way out is denial - build up that naive faith in
Hillary's goodness, and save our faith in the Dems and business as usual!
We don't *really* want to get serious - all that work, all that
opposition, all that upset - so we wash our brains with hope for Hillary
and drop out for another 4 years. We have already seen us stand for an
unprecedented amount of evil, with no mass wave of protest; we seem more
ready to surrender freedom than to fight for it; that's all they need to
take it. -ed]

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Continuing Quiet Death Of Democracy
By John Pilger
ZNet Commentary
April 15, 2006

People ask: Can this be happening in Britain? Surely not. A centuries-old
democratic constitution cannot be swept away. Basic human rights cannot be
made abstract Those who once comforted themselves that a Labour government
would never commit such an epic crime in Iraq might now abandon a last
delusion, that their freedom is inviolable. If they knew.

The dying of freedom in Britain is not news. The pirouettes of ambition of
of the prime minister and his political twin, the treasurer, are news,
though of minimal public interest. Looking back to the 1930s when social
democracies were distracted and powerful cliques imposed their
totalitarian ways by stealth and silence, the warning is clear. The
Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill has already passed its second
parliamentary reading without interest to most Labour MPs and court
journalists; yet it is utterly totalitarian in scope.

Presented by the government as a simple measure for streamlining
de-regulation, or "getting rid of red tape", the only red tape it will
actually remove is that of parliamentary scrutiny of government
legislation, including this remarkable bill.

It will mean that the government can secretly change the Parliament Act
and the constitution and laws can be struck down by decree from Downing
Street. Blair has demonstrated his taste for absolute power in his abuse
of the royal prerogative, which he has used to bypass parliament in going
to war and in dismissing landmark High Court judgements, such as that
which declared illegal the expulsion of the entire population of the
Chagos islands, now the site of an American military base. The new bill
marks the end of true parliamentary democracy; in its effect, it is as
significant as the US Congress last year abandoning the bill of rights.

Those who fail to hear these steps on the road to dictatorship should look
at the government's plans for ID cards, described in its manifesto as
"voluntary". They will be compulsory and worse. An ID card will be
different from a driving licence or passport. It will be connected to a
database called the NIR (National Identity Register), where your personal
details will be stored. These will include your fingerprints, a scan of
your iris, your residence status and unlimited other details about your
life. If you fail to keep an appointment to be photographed and
fingerprinted, you can be fined up to £2,500.

Every place that sells alcohol or cigarettes, every post office, every
pharmacy and every bank will have an NIR terminal where you can be asked
to "prove who you are". Each time you swipe it, a record is made at the
NIR. This means that the government will know every time you withdraw more
than £99 from your bank account. Restaurants and off-licences (liquor
stores) will demand that the card is swiped so that they are indemnified
from prosecution. Private business will have full access to the NIR. If
you apply for a job, your card will have to be swiped. If you want a
London Undergound Oyster card, or a supermarket loyalty card, or a
telephone line or a mobile phone or an internet account, your card will
have to be swiped. In other words, there will be a record of your
movements, your phone records and shopping habits, even the kind of
medication you take.

These databases, which can be stored in a device the size of a hand, will
be sold to third parties without you knowing. The ID card will not be your
property and the Home Secretary will have the right to revoke or suspend
it at any time without explanation. This would prevent you drawing money
from a bank. ID cards will not stop or deter terrorists, as Home Secretary
Charles Clarke has now admitted; the Madrid bombers all carried ID. On 26
March, the government silenced the last parliamentary opposition to the
cards when it ruled that the House of Lords could no longer block
legislation contained in a party's manifesto.

The Blair clique does not debate. Like the zealot in Downing Street, its
"sincere belief" in its own veracity is quite enough. When the London
School of Economics published a long study that effectively demolished the
government's case for the cards. Charles Clarke abused it for feeding a
"media scare campaign". This is the same minister who attended every
cabinet meeting at which Blair's lies over his decision to invade Iraq
were clear.

This government was re-elected with the support of barely a fifth of those
eligible to vote: the second lowest since the franchise. Whatever
respectability the famous suits in television studios try to give him,
Blair is demonstrably discredited as a liar and war criminal. Like the
constitution-hijacking bill now reaching its final stages, and the
criminalising of peaceful protest, ID cards are designed to control the
lives of ordinary citizens (as well as enrich the new Labour-favoured
companies that will build the computer systems).

A small, determined, and profoundly undemocratic group is killing freedom
in Britain, just as it has killed literally in Iraq. That is the news.
"The kaleidoscope has been shaken," said Blair at the 2001 Labour Party
conference. "The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before
they do, let us re-order this world around us."

John Pilger's new book, Freedom Next Time, will be published in June by
Bantam Press


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