Progressive Calendar 04.14.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 03:19:09 -0700 (PDT)
              P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R    04.14.06

1. Counter recruit  4.14 12noon
2. Palestine vigil  4.14 4:15pm
3. Cavlan/KFAI      4.14 6pm
4. Venezuela        4.14 6pm
5. JayPond/Almanac  4.14 7pm
6. Elections/film   4.14 7:15pm
7. Anti-war puppets 4.14 8pm

8. Park cleaning    4.15 8:30am
9. Haiti Justice    4.15 9am
10. No tax for war  4.15 10:30am
11. Tax day rally   4.15 11:30am
12. Gray panthers   4.15 12noon
13. WAMM/MaydayBook 4.15 12noon
14. NLG dinner      4.15 6pm
15. Irish rising    4.15 6:30pm
16. Haiti evening   4.15 7pm

17. Bad health plan advocated by Sheldon Johnson
18. Kip Sullivan     - Reply to Sheldon Johnson's bad health plan
19. Coleman/Parker/Hine/Hare/Kelly - No Holman floodwall
20. Boland/Mitchell  - District councils
21.   - Hemispheric anti-FTAA conference in Havana
22. Raymond Whitaker - Bush plans air strikes for regime change in Iran

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From: sarah standefer <scsrn [at]>
Subject: Counter recruit 4.14 12noon

Counter Recruitment Demonstration
 Our Children Are Not Cannon Fodder
Fridays   NOON-1
Recruiting Office at the U of M
At Washington and Oak St.  next to Chipolte
for info call Barb Mishler 612-871-7871

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From: peace 2u <tkanous [at]>
Subject: Palestine vigil 4.14 4:15pm

Every Friday
Vigil to End the Occupation of Palestine
Summit & Snelling, St. Paul

There are now millions of Palestinians who are refugees due to Israel's
refusal to recognize their right under international law to return to
their own homes since 1948.

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From: DoriJJ [at]
Subject: Cavlan/KFAI 4.14 6pm

Finally the interview that KFAI did with Michael Cavlan will be broadcast
this Friday, April 14, on KFAI-FM and going out nationally on the Pacifica
network.  It was rescheduled from its originally planned slot of two
Fridays ago because KFAI was conducting its Pledge Drive.

I have also learned that the reporters had gathered so much material on
the subject, (Impeachment of George Bush) that they are filling two
segments with the information.  So be sure to listen to KFAI-FM beginning
at 6:00 PM this Friday, April 14.

--Dori Ullman Campaign Manager The Committee to Elect Michael Cavlan to
the US Senate 2006

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Venezuela 4.14 6pm

Fri April 14: Report Back and Discussion on the March 4-6 National
Venezuela Solidarity Conference including a short film on the conference
6pm at the University of Minnesota La Raza Student Cultural Center,
Coffman Union 300;  Washington Ave. SE

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From: Wyn Douglas <wyn_douglas [at]>
Subject: JayPond/Almanac 4.14 7pm

Jay Pond (seeking GP endorsement for the 5CD seat) will be on Almanac
this Friday night at 7 pm - TPT channel 2.

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Elections/film 4.14 7:15pm

FRI.APR.14-20:(film)"Our Brand is Crisis" to Play @ Bell Auditorium

Follow U.S. Political Strategist ³Raginı Cajun²/Clinton adivsor James
Carville and his team as they Try to Help their Client Win a Presidential
Election in a South American Country

³Our Brand is Crisis²
At the Bell Auditorium
April 14 ­ April 20

In her debut documentary, director Rachel Boynton chronicles the election
methods of former Bill Clinton advisor James Carville who, along with his
team of U.S. political consultants, attempts to facilitate the election of
Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada to the presidency of Bolivia. "Our Brand is
Crisis" demonstrates the international effectiveness ­ and the
consequences ­ of the methods used to twice elect President Clinton.

³Our Brand is Crisis² runs April 14-20 at the Bell Auditorium located in
the Bell Museum of Natural History at 10 Church Street SE on the East Bank
Campus at the intersection of University and 17th. Parking is available in
area lots, and it is free on Sundays in the Church Street lot.

Admission is $8 general, $6.50 seniors/students, and $5 members.  Shows run
at 7:15 and 9:15 nightly, with additional showings on Saturdays and Sundays
at 5:15.

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From: Anne Sawyer-Aitch <bronte [at]>
Subject: Anti-war puppets 4.14 8pm

Premiere of: ALA DEAN AND THE MARVELOUS LAMP, an original play integrating
live music, color shadow puppetry and digital video animation. This
version of the beloved folktale "Aladdin" features plucky heroine Ala
Dean, who battles against an evil sorcerer and a war-mongering Supreme
Ruler. During her adventures, she discovers a genii in a magic lamp - but
quickly learns that even a mountain of riches does not bring happiness
when others are suffering around her. Audiences of all ages will
appreciate the feisty "shero" Ala Dean and the story's message of peace.

Public Performances:  Friday, April 14, 8pm, Saturday, April 15, 2pm and
8pm. All shows are at the Center for Independent Artists (CI4A), 4137
Bloomington Ave Minneapolis MN 55407. Tickets: (612) 724-8392, or

From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>

A live performance featuring live music, color shadow puppets and video
artistry...created by the marvelous Anne Sawyer-Aitch!  with music by
Laura Harada!

This is a show informed by the power of women and girls, the intelligence
and wit of females who rise above - all by the magical Magic Lantern
Puppet Theater!!!!!!

Call for tickets early as it will surely sell out! Bring the little girls
in your life! 612-724-8392

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From: Meghan Manhatton <Meghan.Manhatton [at]>
Subject: Park cleaning 4.15 8:30am

Saturday, April 15
Kickoffs, with breakfast refreshments and a chance to meet your neighbors,
begin at 8:30am at 7 sites throughout St Paul (one in each ward). The
kickoff locations are as follows:

Ward 1-Dunning Rec
Ward 2-Harriet Island
Ward 3-Hidden Falls Regional Park
Ward 4-Midway Pavilion, near Lake Como
Ward 5-Lakeside Pavilion, at Lake Como
Ward 6-Phalen Pavilion
Ward 7-Indian Mounds Regional Park

Following the kickoffs, volunteers will spread out to parks across the
city for a much-needed spring cleaning from 9 to 11 am.  Trash bags and
disposable gloves will be provided at kickoff sites.  To reduce the amount
waste generated at this event, we suggest that you bring your own reusable
work gloves and reusable beverage container, if you have them.

For questions, or to register, you can email us at
environment [at] or call our Hotline at 651-266-6458.  The
Cleanup website is located at

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call me at 651-632-2459.
Thank you! Meghan
Meghan Manhatton Environmental Services Intern 651-632-2459 cell

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From: Rebecca Cramer <biego001 [at]>
Subject: Haiti Justice 4.15 9am

The Haiti Justice Committee meets monthly, at 9am on the third Saturday,
at the Resource Center of the Americas (27th Ave. S. and E. Lake St.), in
the Victor Jara room. Please join us this Sat. to discuss the current
political crisis in Haiti. Join our committee, learn the facts and be a
part of the growing international outrage against the murderous political
repression occurring in Haiti since the ouster, in Feb. 2004, of the
democratically-elected President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  

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From: Jess Sundin <jess [at]>
Subject: No tax for war 4.15 10:30am


Saturday 4/15 @ 10:30am, Lake & 35W entrance Post Office (110 East 31st,

On "Tax Day" join the AWC in saying that we want our tax dollars to fund
human needs and not go to wars in other countries.

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From: Corey Stern <corey [at]>
Subject: Tax day rally 4.15 11:30am

This Saturday, April 15 is tax day.  Donıt fret!  Get mad!

Minnesota is the 4th highest taxed state!  We can do better.  So bring
your biggest home-made signs to tell the politicians you pay too much in

Saturday, April 15th there will be a tax rally on the state capitol steps
from 11:30am-12:30pm.  This is a non-partisan event so Republicans, ³Blue
Dog² Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and others are welcome to
attend and speak out.  Letıs all rally behind the tax issue.

No new fees!  No new taxes!  Say no to more spending!

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From: hangerseeley [at]
Subject: Gray panthers 4.15 12noon

World Health Day.  Think about coming to the Gray Panthers planning
meeting on Saturday, April 15 at noon at 66 Barton Ave. SE.  Connect with
Sally Brown about details at _SAB [at] Wilder.org_ (mailto:SAB [at]

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From: wamm <wamm [at]>
Subject: WAMM/Mayday books 4.15 12noon

BUY BOOKS, NOT BOMBS! Jump Out of the Big Box and Shop Unchained:
Shop for WAMM on Tax Day at Mayday Books

Saturday, April 15, Noon to 6pm. Mayday Books, 301 Cedar Avenue South,
Minneapolis. Enter through outside stairs on the north, underneath Midwest
Mountaineering. Parking can be found in the lot to the east of the

Buy books, not bombs. And forget Barnes and Noble and Support
Women Against Military Madness on Tax Day instead! The usual 15% discount
on books at Mayday Books will go to WAMM on this day. And, if perchance
they don't have the books in stock that you're looking for, if you pay on
this day, WAMM will receive the donation. Plus, you'll get free delivery
if you live within the metro area.

Located in humble but cool, lime-stone walled quarters in the West Bank
Community of Minneapolis, Mayday Books is staffed by volunteers dedicated
to selling the best in periodicals, soft and hard-cover books, nonfiction
and fiction on foreign and domestic policy, current events, politics,
political humor, history they didn't teach you in school including voices
of the voiceless, empire, environment, economy and more. Critical thinkers
and truth seekers will find plenty of empowering lit. here.

The bookstore describes itself this way: "Mayday is a non-profit
organization with a progressive educational mission, independent of the
corporate fat cats who the country and control the media" and is proud of
"not making a profit since 1975!" FFI: Call WAMM at 612-827-5364.

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From: Sue Ann <mart1408 [at]>
Subject: NLG dinner 4.15 6pm

Forward from Peter Brown
Peacemakers of the Twin Cities Unite!

Unite with community justice seekers, civil rights& liberties defenders,
union activists, immigrant rights advocates, and other progressive
spirits. Let peace on earth and justice for all be our bottom line!

Join members of the National Lawyers Guild at its Annual Social Justice
Dinner Saturday April 15 (what shall we render unto Caesar this year?)
William Mitchell College of Law - Auditorium

Join us as we celebrate outstanding commitments to peace and justice . .

Paul Marino People^Òs Lawyer Award Recipient Former Minnesota Supreme
Court Justice On-going peace and justice advocate, and National Lawyers
Guild Member Rosalie Wahl

2006 Social Justice Award Recipient Membership based organization built
for and by farm workers in rural Minnesota. Fighting Pawlenty's demagoging
in the heart of Minnesota. Centro Campesino

Peace Activists Take Special Note! 2006 Keynote Speaker Mara

Ms. Hilliard is a leading anti-war spokesperson, an accomplished civil
rights litigator, NLG member, and chair of the NLG Mass Defense Committee.
She is the co-founder of the Partnership for Civil Justice, which has
represented hundreds of activists and political organizations.

Saturday April 15, 2006
William Mitchell College of Law Auditorium
875 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN
Individual tickets: $40 per person
Student and low-income tickets: $15
Table for 8:  $280
6PM Social Hour - 6:30pm  Dinner - 7:30pm Awards and Keynote Speaker
RSVP to Lorena at 612-436-3664
Please make checks payable to NLG-MN
and send to 1360-F  West University Avenue  #173, St. Paul, MN 55104

Tickets also available at door.
RSVP by phone appreciated.
To place an ad in the Dinner Program Book,
go to and click on Dinner Program.

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From: Mike Whelan <mpw4883 [at]>
Subject: Irish rising 4.15 6:30pm

SundayApril 15th, 6:30 PM at the Dubliner 2162 W University Ave in St

Minnesotans will remember the 1916 rising in Ireland with music, songs and
poetry. Please join your friends on Sunday - Info 651 645 9506

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From: biego001 [at]
Subject: Haiti evening 4.15 7pm

Please join the Haiti Justice Committee of Minnesota for a rollicking
evening on Saturday, April 15, at Patrick's Cabaret, located at 3010
Minnehaha Ave. in S. Mpls. The fun starts at 7pm.

There will be spoken word by Paul Dosh, poetry reading by Lydia Howell,
Caribbean music by Cyril Paul and the Calypso Monarchs, and Haitian and
African dancing and drumming by local artists. The jazz ensemble
Honeysuckle Rose will also perform.

The suggested donation is $15, but no-one will be turned away. All
proceeds will go to the Haitian Emergency Relief Fund, a project of the
Vanguard Foundation, to help feed children and adults and provide legal
support to political prisoners in Haiti. For more info, contact Rebecca
Cramer at 612-388-2542.

From: HolleB [at]

Honeysuckle Rose will be playing Saturday, April 15 at Patrick's Cabaret,
3010 Minnehaha Ave. S. in Minneapolis. The event is a benefit for the
Haitian Emergency Relief Fund and will include spoken work, poetry,
African and Haitian drumming and dancing, the Caribbean sounds of Cyril
Paul and the Calypso Monarchs, as well as acoustic gypsy jazz by
Honeysuckle Rose. The event starts at 7 p.m.; there is a $15 suggested
donation, but all are welcome.

Honeysuckle Rose plays jazz standards from the 20s-40s in the style of
Django Reinhardt. We are David Stenshoel on fiddle, Dean Harrington and
Dan Hansen on guitar, Holle Brian on upright bass, with vocals by Rose
Oyamot. -- Holle Brian (612) 822-6593

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[Previous Calendars have had posts vs the Massachussetts plan. I do NOT
endorse the following Sheldon Johnson post; it is here as an example of
pretty-sounding but hollow and misleading rhetoric, and an alarm that they
will try to stick us with it here too.
 Kip Sullivan answers it the following post.

Becky Lourey was supporting - but dropped - a real improvement in health
insurance. Neither party will pass a good health bill; but they are all
too eager to pass bad ones. Well, the HMOs and insurance companies have
more concenrated money than we do - so what can we expect? The rich don't
have enough money yet, and we have too much. What's their money doing
in our pockets? -ed]

From: Sheldon Johnson <rep.sheldon.johnson [at]>
Subject: Rep. Sheldon Johnson's Electronic News Column - 4/12/06

State Rep. Sheldon Johnson
Minnesota House of Representatives
District 67B  (651) 296-4201
243 State Office Building, St. Paul, MN 55155
rep.sheldon.johnson [at]

April 13, 2006


This week, Massachusetts became the first state to provide nearly
universal health care coverage for its citizens. The bill does what a lot
of health care experts and political observers thought was impossible -
provide access to affordable health insurance for all of its citizens -
and did it in a way that nearly everyone thought was impossible in this
era of intense partisanship - through compromise.

I won't go into all the details of the plan here, but it does incorporate
a lot of innovative methods and ideas from across the political spectrum
and it spreads the cost of the program among businesses, individuals and
the state of Massachusetts. It pushes the idea of personal responsibility
by making health insurance a requirement for all citizens - much like
automobile coverage - yet it also provides subsidies to make the coverage
affordable for all.

The Massachusetts bill creates a sliding scale that matches the cost of
the coverage with income, with subsidies for private plans available for
people with incomes at or below 300 percent of the poverty level (just
under $30,000 for individuals and $60,000 for a family of four). Children
in those families will be eligible for free coverage through Medicaid, an
expansion of the current system.

There are also tax incentives to help small business and individuals.
Massachusetts officials estimate that about 215,000 people will be covered
by allowing individuals and businesses with 50 or fewer employees to buy
insurance with pretax dollars, and by giving insurance companies
incentives to offer stripped-down plans at lower cost. Basic plans will be
available to people ages 19 to 26 at bare bones costs.

The way it's funded is that individuals who can afford private insurance
will be penalized on their state income taxes if they do not purchase it.
Government will also work with private insurers to provide lower cost
plans to more low-income working families. In addition, businesses with
more than 10 workers that do not provide insurance will be charged up to
$295 per employee per year. As a result, state officials expect that most
Massachusetts residents will still get health care through their

As you can imagine, there are going to be a lot of eyes on Massachusetts
over the next few years to see how this all works out. State officials in
Minnesota will be watching, as well.

There was a time, however, when Minnesota was the state being watched when
it came to health care. We were on the verge of near-universal coverage
back in the early 1990s when we were putting together the MinnesotaCare
program. Unfortunately, universal access to the program was pulled out of
the bill in order to ensure that it would pass. Despite the success of the
program, access continues to be limited.

Massachusetts was finally able to make this leap because of leadership and
a willingness to work across party lines. Governor Mitt Romney, a
Republican, Senator Edward Kennedy, a Democrat, Democratic leaders in the
House and Senate, insurers, health care experts, businesses, religious
leaders and advocates for the poor all got together and agreed on a goal -
near universal coverage - and then hammered out a compromise plan that got
them there.

It was refreshing to see. I only wish we were having this discussion in
Minnesota. I've long maintained that the states that get a handle on our
current health care crisis first are going to have a leg up on the rest of
the country when it comes to attracting businesses and creating jobs and
economic opportunity. Massachusetts looks like a leader right now in that
regard. We can't afford to fall too far behind.

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[I wrote Kip: I don't see MA as our model. What do you think of SJ's
piece? -ed]

From: Kip Sullivan <kiprs [at]>

You're absolutely correct. The MA law is a bad law. It just pours more
money into the insurance industry maw, and will infuriate MA residents
either because (1) the coverage will be meager or (2) the coverage will be
decent and it will be difficult for MA residents over the poverty level to
afford to obey the law's requirement that all MA residents buy insurance.

The law was blasted a few days ago by John Sweeney, president of the
AFL-CIO, because of its requirement that individuals buy insurance.
Sweeney said: "Forcing uninsured workers to purchase health care coverage
or face higher taxes and fines is the cornerstone of Mr. Gingrich's health
care reform proposals. It is unconscionable that Massachusetts has adopted
this misguided individual mandate."

I predict Romney will rue the day he claimed credit for this awful law.
It's going to follow a trajectory like Bush's Medicare Part D bill -- lots
of praise from the media at first, then a hailstorm of horror stories when
the law is implemented in 2007. I think odds are high Romney will be
hearing these horror stories right around the spring of 2008 when he will
be in the home stretch of his drive to win the Republican nomination for
President.  This bill is enforced through the MA personal income tax law.
MA residents must indicate on their 2007 returns (which they will have to
file by April 15, 2008) that they have health insurance. That'll give MA
residents and the media plenty of time to comprehend how unpleasant this
new law is.

Rep. Johnson's essay is further evidence that Democrats do nothing to help
their legislators comprehend health policy. The Minn Medical Association
endorsed a proposal a lot like the MA law in January 2005.  Minnesota may
well be debating this awful idea of treating health insurance like auto
insurance this time next year.

{It's time to get mad as hell and not stand for any more of this! Either
be for single payer NOW, or be voted OUT! No more patience! NOW DAMMIT!

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[And now some GOOD news from local gevernment . . . ]

Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 06:04:35 +1200 (NZST)
From: Bob Hume <bob.hume [at]>
Subject: Mayor Coleman Releases Statement on Holman Field Floodwall

For Immediate Release
Contact: Bob Hume
April 12th, 2006

Mayor Coleman Releases Statement on Holman Field Floodwall Proposal

(Saint Paul) - Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman today released the following
statement on the Holman Field Floodwall Proposal:

The City of Saint Paul was born along the Mississippi River.  We have
spent the last twenty years working to make the riverbank a welcoming
place to live, work and play.  We have worked with community partners to
invest nearly a billion dollars on the riverfront for parks, housing,
museums, and much more.  We have and will continue to strike a balance
between the needs of the business community and the vibrant neighborhoods
that call the riverfront home.

Holman Field is a crucial asset to our economic development. The ability
for businesses to use Holman Field to grow our economy is an issue that is
very important to me.  However, we cannot simply enhance Holman Field
without taking into consideration the effects this project would have on
surrounding neighborhoods, the environment, and the very character of our
riverfront.  Eighty years ago, Holman Field was located in what was
clearly an industrial area, but in this 21st century, our changing
riverfront calls for 21st century thinking and design.

Over the last three months we have worked with - and listened to - leaders
from business and environmental groups and the community surrounding
Holman field to find a common solution on the floodwall proposal. Although
we began this process with many questions and concerns, we were able to
come to the table with the MAC with three critical issues:

. Aesthetics:  Appearance and Location of Floodwall and Compensatory

. Airport Operations and Aircraft Noise Mitigation

. Environmental Water Quality

I sincerely believe that the MAC and the City can come to a resolution on
these issues issues.  My administration has made every effort to work with
the MAC. They claim they want to work with us; yet they are unwilling to
do the one thing that is necessary to get the project built - go back to
the Planning Commission and get it right.

My administration is willing to work with the MAC to move through this
process as quickly as possible to ensure construction begins as soon as
possible.  Under the current proposal, not one condition for the benefit
of St. Paul is imposed on MAC's proposal.  As a result, I cannot support
this proposal in its current form. We cannot allow the MAC to put lipstick
on a sheet metal pig and call it a compromise.

The City of Saint Paul has invested nearly a billion dollars in reviving
our riverfront and we will spend more in the years to come.  Given the
magnitude of this project and the importance of the river, it is not only
reasonable to "get it right" and build something we can all be proud of -
it is what we owe to our riverfront.

The City deserves better, and I know we can do better.
Bob Hume
More info:

From: Bob Parker <bobpmn [at]>

I admire Mayor Coleman for boldly taking positions early in his tenure, in
the face of political reality, that could be used as politically divisive
later on. In my opinion, he has made the right decisions in terms of
citizens' well-being, versus simply appeasing the Chamber of Commerce and
business interests. It's a hard call for a mayor - I can appreciate that.
I want to see St Paul grow commercially - I really do - and I also want to
ensure that we don't sacrifice any of our quality of life to do that. It's
a balancing act that I would never want to try, especially this early in
an administration. I'm grateful that he is so different from the previous
administration, and actually shows his concern for people by actions that
are obviously politically risky.

True political reality is usually tough, but I believe that a real
Minnesota value is the will to look far into the future and base decisions
on what is- and especially, will be- really good for the people and the
state, and not the short-term financial gain for the few. I'm proud of
living in a place where we still can relate to asking ourselves, "Is it
the right thing, or is it the comfortable thing?"

From: Andrew Hine amhine2 [at]

Mayor Coleman based his decision on what he heard from two general

On one side, he heard from:
civil engineers
mechanical engineers
public servants
rocket scientists
business owners
town planners
<fill in your bag here>

On the other side he heard from:
bean counters
jewelry store owners
<and maybe one or two others I left out by accident>

So chalk another one up for Diversity and Education!  When it comes to
cross-functional teams and a mulitplicity of talent, St. Paul rocks!!!
Thank you, Mayor!  Nancy!!!  Captain Ahunt!!!  The whole crew!
Especially the Right Bankers!

From: Erik Hare hare [at]

Thank you, Mayor Coleman.  Thank you very much.

This is the "New Direction" I was hoping for.  It's not about X versus Y,
it's about how X and Y can work together to get what they need to make
this great city we all love even better.

From: Kelly <ladycharissa [at]>

I am really glad the flood wall is not being built. I hope the decision to
not build a floodwall stays. I find it very wierd that we are even
considering building a floodwall to protect an airport that mostly open
space that can be flooded. If the airport can't be flooded, it should
move.  Our public money has an incredible array of better investments.
Thank goodness that we have a wise mayor and wise majority of city council
that is displaying fiscal responsibility! Our experience with recent
weather, demonstrates that with global warming, there will more intense
flooding, We as a city should do encourage planning that takes greater
expected flooding into account by encouraging growth OFF of the

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[Just 2 examples of the many district councils in StPaul. -ed]

From: Steve Boland <steve_boland [at]>
Subject: District Council election time - Summit-University Planning

Saint Paulites,

I know the Summit-University Planning Council isn't the only District
Council holding elections in May, but since it is the one I work for,
here's an unabashed plug for filing for your local council elections and
voting - or at least voting!

The SUPC is holding elections on May 20, and the deadline to get on the
ballot is May 10.  Copies of the ballot application are available at, so if you live south of University, north of
Summit, east of Lexington and west of Cathedral as Summit rounds up north
(see map at, think about running to
represent your neighborhood!

Don't live in Summit-U?  Learn more about the other District Councils and
which one represents you at  Why wait
until fall?  Think global, but act local!  Get involved to represent your
ideas on development, light rail, housing, crime prevention and much more.

From: Eric Mitchell <ericmitchell55401 [at]>

The Payne Phalen District Five Planning Council Annual Meeting will be
held on Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 at 899 Payne Avenue.  Doors open at 5:30
p.m. and program will open at 6:00 p.m. with words from Mayor Chris

Any resident, age 16 or older, and business owners in District Five may
submit their nomination to run for one of ten open seats on the District
Five Board of Directors.

The goals of District Five for the upcoming year are ambitious. We seek a
savvy, diverse board committed to the well being of our District Five
constituencies. District Councils are volunteer-driven. You show up-
you've got power. We seek a range of community leaders with the varied
skills and talents needed to direct the future growth of this community
and to capture and create opportunities for the public good.

Contact us at d5-director [at] or 651-774-5234.

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Hemispheric Anti-FTAA Conference in Havana

Havana, April 12 (ACN) --The Fifth Hemispheric Conference of Struggle
against the FTAA (Free Trade Areas of the Americas) gets underway at the
Havana Convention Center on Wednesday in an ongoing effort to develop
strategies to halt United States expansion.

Leaders of social movements from 36 countries of Latin America and the
Caribbean, including representatives of women and small farmers
organizations and the In Defense of Humanity Network, will be presenting
their experiences, informed economist Osvaldo Martinez, president of the
Economic Affairs Commission of the Cuban parliament.

The FTAA is a plan originating in Washington to expand the North American
Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to every country in Central and South America
and the Caribbean except Cuba.

The FTAA would increase privatization and deregulation throughout the
Western Hemisphere. Opponents maintain it would cause a further lowering
of wages, worsened living and environmental conditions, and more poverty
for the people of the region.

The conference participants will tackle the FTAA and so-called bilateral
free trade agreements, and are also expected to make a statement against
terrorism and the militarization of the region.

Leonel Gonzalez, secretary of International Relations of the Cuban Labor
Federation, said proposals would be presented for joint action among
public figures of the South Common Market (MERCOSUR) and Andean Community
countries as well as from North American organizations.

The United States had originally hoped to implement the FTAA by January,
2005 but the plan suffered modifications after movements organized in the
Continental Social Alliance succeeded in raising public opinion against it
and several governments rejected it. (AIN)

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Bush administration 'secretly plans air strikes' as it seeks regime change
in Iran
By Raymond Whitaker
The Independent - Apr 10, 2006

The Bush administration has sent undercover forces into Iran, and has
stepped up secret planning for a possible major air attack on the country,
according to the renowned US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

While publicly advocating diplomacy to stop Iran from pursuing a nuclear
weapon, Hersh reports in the next issue of The New Yorker magazine that
"there is a growing conviction among members of the United States military,
and in the international community, that President Bush's ultimate goal in
the nuclear confrontation with Iran is regime change".

One former senior intelligence official is quoted as saying that Mr Bush and
others in the White House have come to view Iran's president, Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad, as a potential "Adolf Hitler". According to a senior Pentagon
adviser on the "war on terror", "this White House believes that the only way
to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that
means war". The danger, he adds, is that "it also reinforces the belief
inside Iran that the only way to defend the country is to have a nuclear

One option under consideration, Mr Hersh reports, involves the possible use
of a B61 nuclear "bunker-buster" bomb against Iran's main centrifuge plant,
at Natanz. Last week the Federation of American Scientists alleged that a
weapons test to be carried out in the Nevada desert in June was designed to
simulate the effects of just such a bomb. Conventional explosives would be
used, it said, for "a low-yield nuclear weapon ground shock simulation
against an underground target".

The US Defence Threat Reduction Agency told The Independent on Sunday that
the test, codenamed "Divine Strake", was intended "to assess the capability
of computer codes" to predict the effects of the explosion. The experiment
aimed to improve "warfighters' confidence in their ability to plan to defeat
hardened and deeply buried targets". It did not refer to tactical nuclear
weapons like the B61.

According to Mr Hersh, some officials are shocked at what they describe as
"operational" planning which goes far beyond the usual work on hypothetical
scenarios. One former defence official is quoted as saying the planning was
based on a belief that "a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate
the religious leadership and lead the public to rise up and overthrow the

Some operations, apparently aimed in part at intimidating Iran, are already
under way, Mr Hersh reports, including "simulated nuclear-weapons delivery
missions" by US navy aircraft operating from carriers. Undercover units are
also said to be working with ethnic minorities in Iran, including the Kurds,
Baluchis and Azeris. While one goal was to have "eyes on the ground", the
broader aim was to "encourage ethnic tensions" and undermine the regime.

Britain and other European states support the need for a military option to
deter Iran from developing nuclear weapons, The New Yorker article says, but
want nothing to do with regime change. "The Brits think this is a very bad
idea, but they're really worried we're going to do it," Flynt Leverett, a
former member of the US National Security Council, is quoted as saying.

Critics of military action against Iran point out that it would convulse
world oil markets and could lead to retaliation in Iraq. Mr Hersh says he
was told by a Pentagon adviser that the southern half of Iraq, where
Britain's 8,000 troops are based, would "light up like a candle" in the wake
of any strike on Iran, while a general said that, despite the British
presence, "the Iranians could take Basra with 10 mullahs and a sound truck".

The greatest disquiet within the military is said to be over the possibility
of using nuclear weapons against Iran. Some planners argue that it would be
impossible to be certain that underground facilities such as those at Natanz
had been completely destroyed unless a nuclear "bunker-buster" was used. Mr
Hersh says he was told by a former senior intelligence official that some
officers had talked about resigning after an attempt to remove the nuclear
option from the war plans failed.

The Pentagon adviser warns, as do many others, that bombing Iran could
provoke "a chain reaction" of attacks on American facilities and citizens
throughout the world. "What will 1.2 billion Muslims think the day we attack
Iran?" he asks.

Mr Hersh reports that the White House refused to comment on military
planning, but insisted, as did the Pentagon, that a diplomatic solution was
being sought with Iran. The CIA said there were "inaccuracies" in his
account, but would not specify them.

[How about regime change in Washington DC? How big a Bush-buster would
that take? It would have to be very powerful to get to the bottom of the
dark lies and brazen arrogance. How big a Dem-buster would it take to get
the Dems off their flabby butts? Probably even more powerful.  -ed]


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