Progressive Calendar 03.26.06
From: David Shove (
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 04:56:55 -0800 (PST)
            P R O G R E S S I V E   C A L E N D A R     03.26.06

1. Immigration    3.26 10am
2. GPSP CC        3.26 2pm
3. KFAI/Indian    3.26 4pm
4. FWD-MN potluck 3.26 5pm
5. Kevin Phillips 3.26 5pm
6. Romero         3.26 6:30pm
7. Bicking/Green  3.26 7pm
8. Indian/KFAI    3.26 9pm

9. Feminist lunch 3.27 12noon
10. Energy rally  3.27 4pm
11. Sami Rasouli  3.27 5pm StCloud MN
12. School board  3.27 5:30pm

13. ed  Famous Racists: The SOBering truth by William F Buckley

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From: Amanda Tempel <atempel [at]>
Subject: Immigration 3.26 10am

Attend a Forum on Immigration and the Challenges Immigrants Face
Sunday, March 26th, 10am, Mount Zion Temple, 1300 Summit Avenue, St. Paul

Join with JCA and other organizations in AFFIRM to learn more about the
national and state immigration legislation, learn the immigrant stories of
other community members and take more action to support comprehensive
immigration reform.

There are many bills in the U.S. Congress to address the issue of
immigration. One of these bills is the Secure America and Orderly
Immigration Act (S. 1033). This bill provides a path to citizenship for
the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the United States,
aids in reunifying families by reducing immigration backlogs, creates a
temporary worker program that responds to the future need for workers in
the United States, and requires a plan for better enforcement of the

In December, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4437, the Border
Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act. This bill
criminalizes organizations and individuals assisting undocumented
immigrants, gives state and local police the authority to enforce
immigration law and creates a new federal crime of "unlawful presence"
making undocumented status a criminal offense, not a civil violation as is
the current law. With the passage of this bill, the House made it clear
that they were more interested in attacking immigrants than tackling the
bigger and more complicated problem of fixing an out-of-date immigration

With so many different proposals for immigration reform, the Senate
Judiciary Committee is expected to attempt to reconcile the different
bills into a single bill.

It is expected that a final Senate bill will be brought to the floor by
March 27.

Find the entire text of this alert, talking points, and next steps and
phone numbers for action at

Contact Vic Rosenthal at
<mailto:vic [at]>vic [at] for
more information.

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From: David Shove <shove001 [at]>
Subject: GPSP CC 3.26 2pm

Green Party of St Paul
Coordination Committee (CC) meeting
2pm Sunday, 3.26
Lori's Coffeehouse
Cleveland at Buford
(4 blocks south of Larpenteur)
(1 block west of the UofM StPaul farm campus student union)

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From: Chris Spotted Eagle <chris [at]>
Subject: KFAI/Indian 3.26 4pm

KFAI's Indian Uprising for March 26, 2006

(Cherokee), WEB Commentary Contributor, March 14, 2006.  "...Now you're
saying that Indians are reservation shopping? Before you try to write more
laws against Indians' economic well being and advancement, you'd better
honor all treaties made with Indian nations! You'd better start dealing
with all the billions of dollars missing from the Indian trust fund!! Stop
looking for a cheap way out! Pay up NOW!"

In the state of Virginia, Native Americans face a unique problem. Virginia
has no federally recognized tribes, largely due to the work of one man,
Walter Ashby Plecker. In 1912, Plecker became the first registrar of the
state's Bureau of Vital Statistics, serving until 1946. An avowed white
supremacist and fervent advocate of eugenics, Plecker believed that the
state's Native Americans had been "mongrelized" with its African American

NATIONAL PARKS by Mark David Spence, November 2000.  Ranger Reub of
Henderson, NV, a reader-reviews Spence's book, said,:  "... The
book tells the story of the National Park Service removing American
Indians so that the landscape in each park could be more "natural and fit
the common perceptions of nature. The conception of wilderness without
natives was so powerful that early preservationists dismissed or ignored
evidence of native use and habitation. For instance, Yellowstone National
Park management of the 1870s and 1880s felt that the Native American
threatened game even when government surveys revealed game numbers were on
the rise."  See attached.

SPIELBERG SHOW MADE WR0NG CUT, SAY APACHE by Julian Borger in Washington,
DC, The Guardian, United Kingdom March 20, 2006.  The producers of a
Steven Spielberg TV western are being sued by an Apache couple because a
stylist on the New Mexico film set cut their eight-year-old daughter's
hair in violation of tribal customs.,,1734853,00.html

* * * *
Indian Uprising is a one-half hour Public & Cultural Affairs radio program
for, by, and about Indigenous people & all their relations, broadcast each
Sunday at 4:00 p.m. over KFAI 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul.
Current programs are archived online after broadcast at, for
two weeks.  Click Program Archives and scroll to Indian Uprising.

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From: A Hubster <coldhouse [at]>
From: Tom Pierson <tom.pierson [at]>
Subject: FWD-MN potluck 3.26 5pm

sunday 3.26 at 5pm
AT THE BELFRY CENTER 3753 bloomington avenue south

This potluck will be the first in a series, with hopes to bring people
together in a comfortable setting to discuss how FWD's business and
non-profit members can make a difference in Minnesota.  Even if you're not
up to cooking a dish, or staying for the whole meal, stop by for a snack
and to meet other members of local worker co-ops and collectives.

Part of the purpose for this potluck is to find NEW BOARD MEMBERS and
VOLUNTEERS, but everyone is welcome!  Come to talk with current board
members about getting involved. There will be information on what the
Federation has been up to, and an update from the U.S. Federation of
Worker Cooperatives (

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From: Lydia Howell <lhowell [at]>
Subject: Kevin Phillips 3.26 5pm

SUN MAR 26, 5pm and 8pm(central time): KEVIN PHILLIPS with his new book
AMERICAN THEOCRACY on CSPAN's Book TV: Basic cable,channel 21 Mpls(chk
listings for St Paul and eleswhere). Phillips is a former Republican who
now is dedicated to exposing the insane rightwng agenda of the republican

Google cspan's Book TV for moer schedule info.

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From: mnsoaw [at]
Subject: Romero 3.26 6:30pm

Annual Commemoration of the Life of Archbishop Oscar Romero on Sunday,
March 26, at 6:30pm Readings, Reflections and Music at Faith Mennonite
Community Church, 2720 E 22 St Minneapolis, corner of 28th Åv. and 22nd
St. (22nd St. is 2 short blocks south of Franklin Avenue) Hosted by Pax
Christi Twin Cities Area and the Community of St Martin.

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From: Dave Bicking <dave [at]>
Subject: Bicking/Green 3.26 7pm

The next meeting of our Mpls Green group is coming up this Sunday.  Our
meeting two weeks ago was (I thought) VERY productive.  We are moving from
the initial stages of forming a group to the point where we are taking
some action.  Please come - there is work to be done - something for
everyone's interests, talents, and availability.

The details:

Sunday March 26, 7pm, at Dave Bicking's house:  3211 22 Av S Mpls (lower)
Two blocks south of Lake St., just west of Hiawatha LRT stop.

In addition to following up last week's work on prioritizing issues and
forming working groups, we will talk a little more about organization.
The Sunday meeting will just follow Saturday's Green Party membership
meeting which will be discussing a new structure of local groups.
(Details on that meeting below!!)

Also a bit of good news:  We have two Green Party applicants for the
openings on the City Charter Commission.  It is likely that one or both
will be accepted onto the Commission.  (The City Charter is like the
city's constitution.  A current issue being addressed by the Commission is
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).  They will also, in the next four year term,
be considering many major changes that have been proposed relating to the
structure of city government.)

More good news:  Cam Gordon has a weblog - the first for any Mpls City
Council member!  Check it out at:

Dave Bicking H: 612-276-1213 W: 612-729-8580

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From: Clara NiiSka <niis0001 [at]>
Subject: Indian/KFAI 3.26 9pm

Live: Sunday night, 9-10:30pm on Womanist Power Authority, KFAI Radio,
90.3 FM in Minneapolis, 106.7 FM in St. Paul, and online at

Producer *Barry ZeVan* and *Teresa Konechne* talk about their work,
advocacy for social justice, Indian land, sacredness, and wild rice ...
and whatever else - it's live radio.

Barry ZeVan: Emmy-nominated producer of the documentary American Indian
Homelands: Matters of truth, honor and dignity -- immemorial, "a powerful
film on the century's worth of the legal and political moves undermining
Indian land ownership and sovereignty, going back to the 1887 General
Allotment Act," in collaboration with the Indian Land Tenure Foundation;

and award-winning independent filmmaker *Teresa Konechne*, who recently
produced a short video in collaboration with the White Earth Land Recovery
Protect, Manoomin: a Minnesota way of Life, about the sacredness of wild
rice and why legislation is needed to ban genetically engineered wild
rice, and is currently working on a longer documentary, with a working
title of: Manoomin: seeds of sacredness, that Konechne says, "..will be
more culturally-based, more community-based ... a social change tool, to
activate people to participate in civil society. I'm trying to speak to
both a local audience and a broad audience, that this is unjust, that
indigenous peoples' lives are being destroyed everywhere in the world, and
have been for millennia. I'm also trying to get at the heart of why so
many of us can not 'take in' what sacredness is. Why, when an elder talks
about the sacredness of all that is, that that does not resonate within
our bodies. We in the dominant culture have experienced our own disconnect
that I believe we are just starting to recognize, name, and come to terms
with. And within that to understand how that affects how and who we are in
the world today." She sees social change as the "inevitable outcome if we
connect ourselves to each other and to our mother earth."

Sarah Alexander, the Wild Rice campaign manager for the White Earth Land
Recovery Project will also make a brief appearance to talk about the
legislation going in front of the MN Senate and House Ag committees this
coming Monday and Tuesday.

Teresa Konechne, originally from South Dakota, is an artist, activist and
educator and works in the areas of experimental performance, installation
and video art. Her first documentary, This Black Soil: A Story of
Resistance and Rebirth, has received honors at various festivals around
the country. Currently a Bush Fellow, she says of her work, "I am
committed to bringing art and social change together, to use my work to
explore issues of race, class and gender, and push boundaries to open up
the documentary vernacular to include a feminine aesthetic that includes
not only stories that are rarely told, but the way in which we tell these
stories." Her "really under construction" website is: -- which hopefully will be finished in the
near future.

Barry ZeVan celebrated 60 years as a professional broadcaster in 2003,
commencing his career at age five-and-a-half as a singer and actor on
radio in his native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Barry subsequently acted on
Broadway, national television, and in feature motion pictures, in both his
youth and adult years. His non-acting broadcast career has included having
garnered the highest-rated television weathercasts in broadcasting history
(KSTP-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul, 1971 through 1974, with a 51 percent share
of the audience). He has also been, and still often maintains activity as,
a radio and television talk-show host, voice-over commercial announcer (in
both the U.S. and Europe), commentator, newscaster, executive,
broadcasting consultant and motivational speaker.

Although most known for his award-winning on-air broadcast work, his
producing, directing, writing and videographic abilities have garnered him
three Emmy nominations for documentary series' and individual
documentaries since 1975. His productions have aired on HBO, PBS and
Bravo, and, as Barry notes, "have featured kings, queens, presidents,
ambassadors, top presidential cabinet officials and world-respected arts
and entertainment celebrities, most of whom were, and continue to be, his
social as well as professional friends, as interviewees and participants."
Barry's most recent documentary work, completed in early 2005, is
/AMERICAN INDIAN HOMELANDS: Matters of truth, honor and dignity --
immemorial/, produced in cooperation with the Indian Land Tenure
Foundation and featuring host Sam Donaldson, and Senators John McCain and
former Senator Tom Daschle, concerning American Indian issues
never-before-publicly- discussed or revealed to the general public.

Barry has written and voiced regionally-aired five-minute radio
commentaries about general subjects of current interest. He is listed in
The International Authors and Writers' Who's Who, published in Cambridge,
England. Also a licensed Minnesota real estate agent, and living in the
same Minneapolis suburb for 22 years, Barry is married with two daughters,
four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

When this WPA producer and host asked Barry ZeVan for biographical
material, he sent his biographical resume, chronicling a remarkable career
beginning as a singer on KDKA Pittsburgh, the first commercial radio
station in the U.S., just twenty years after the inception of commercial
radio and spanning more than sixty years on radio, television, and 'the
legitimate theater.' With Barry's permission to include it in this program
announcement, it's temporarily online at

Womanist Power Authority features Womanist culture and politics, music,
interviews, announcements, conversation, challenging political commentary
and much more.  We're broadcast weekly at 9:00 p.m. Sundays on KFAI radio,
90.3 FM in Minneapolis, 106.7 FM in St. Paul, and online at
Current programs are archived online after broadcast at, for
two weeks.  Click Program Archives and scroll to Womanist Power Authority.

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From: Bonnie [at]
Subject: Feminist lunch 3.27 12noon

Monday March 27, 12noon to 1pm in State Capitol Building, Room 229, bring
your brown bag lunch and join the Minnesota Women's Consortium and Kristin
Mapel Bloomberg, Director of the Women's Studies program at Hamline
University, to learn about the life of Midwest suffragist Clara Bewick
Colby and lessons about women's activism today's feminists can learn from
their sisters a century ago.  No charge.

Don't know where to park or how to find Room 229 Capitol?  Meet up at the
Women's Building, 550 Rice Street, St. Paul, at 11:30 and we'll walk over

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From: tdenherder-thomas [at]
Subject: Energy rally 3.27 4pm

Rally For Renewable Energy
Monday, March 27 4pm
Capitol Rotunda

Urge our state legislators to pass the 20% renewable electricty by 2020
Renewable Energy Standard and support Mecury Emissions Reductions on coal
power plants.

With Will Steger and several MN legislators
Sponsored by MPIRG, the MN College Energy Coalition, MacCARES, and others.

Timothy DenHerder-Thomas Macalester College

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From: braun044 <braun044 [at]>
Subject: Sami Rasouli 3.27 5pm StCloud MN

Iraq speaker
Mar 27, Mon  StCloud State University - 5pm
Voyageurs South of the Atwood Student Center
Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church, St. Cloud - 7:30 pm
Contact:  Merle Nolde; 320-363-7189; mnolde [at]

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From: Dann Dobson <dddobson1 [at]>
Subject: School board 3.27 5:30pm

I spoke with Saint Paul Board member Al Ortweig yesterday and he told me
that there will be a public forum Monday, March 27th at Arlington High
School where the public will be given the opportunity to the 5 finalists
for St. Paul School Board Superintendent.

According to Al a reception starts at 5:30 and the Forum starts at 6:45.

This will be a good opportunity for those who have questions for the
candidates for Superintendent to come and be heard.

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                      The SOBering answer
                  "Why the South Must Prevail
The central question that whether the White community in the
South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail,
politically and culturally, in areas in which it does not predominate
numerically. The sobering answer is _Yes_ -- the White community is so
entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race. The
question, as far as the White community is concerned, is whether the
claims of civilization supersede those of universal suffrage.
    _National Review_ believes that the South's premises are correct.  If
the majority wills what is socially atavistic, then to thwart the majority
may be, though undemocratic, enlightened. It is more important for any
community, anywhere in the world, to affirm and live by civilized
standards, than to bow to the demands of the numerical majority."

                                    --William F Buckley, August 1957

[Clearly, any race that has Buckley in it is not an advanced race. -ed]


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