Pax-Salon (POET, BEN OKRI)
From: patty guerrero (
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2018 17:23:00 -0700 (PDT)

> Begin forwarded message:
> HI,   The next salon, on June 19, will be the poetry of Ben Okri, a Nigerian 
> Poet.  Gayle found some sites on the web for his poetry and also some videos. 
>   She says:
> "I've started to look up some poems online by Ben Okri.  Googled: "Ben Okri 
> poetry"  or "Ben Okri poems", which brought me to a page that had a few 
> entries with actual poems, including Grenell Tower,June,2017.  (It's pretty 
> long: about 5 pages when I printed it out). 
> Right there, also, --, ---were 3 videos of him reading, along with further 
> videos in the right hand, plenty of material to choose from there.
> One page-entry in particular, which knocked my socks off, had a poem called, 
> Friend in Africa.  And I printed out a copy of that to bring along next week. 
>  "
> The  salon will still be at the East 7th Mississippi Market, 740 East 7th.    
> I sent out earlier that it would be at the W 7th Market, but it is not.   
> Things had to change.
> Thanks,   
> Patty

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