Conversational Salon
From: patty (
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 15:01:18 -0800 (PST)

Nov. 10 , Media MIke, Mike Hazzard will present the film, Cold
Mountain by him and Deb Wallwork.  It is about the Tang Dynasty
Chinese poet, Han Shan, with Gary Snyder, Buton Watson, Jim Lenfesty
and Red Pine.

Description is below.

Cold Mountain
Cold Mountain is a half hour film portrait of the Tang Dynasty
Chinese poet Han Shan, a.k.a. Cold Mountain. Recorded on location in
China, America and Japan, Burton Watson, Red Pine, Jim Lenfestey and
the legendary Gary Snyder describe the poet's life and tell poems.

A trickster, Han Shan wrote poems for everyone, not just the
educated elite. A man free of spiritual doctrine, it is unclear
whether or not he was a monk, whether he was a Buddhist or a Taoist,
or both. It is not even certain he ever lived, but the poems do.

Co-directed by Mike Hazard and Deb Wallwork, the music is by the
internationally renowned pipa player Gao Hong and animations are by
John Akre. A production of the Center for International Education,
the film has been supported by the Outagamie Foundation, the family
of John W. Brower and the Bush Foundation.

Deb Wallwork writes, "Cold Mountain is a rollicking, tasty film
filled with poetry, colorful characters, Zen wisdom and witty
commentary. The film gives us glimpses of that mysterious--some say
crazy, some say enlightened--figure, Han Shan, who left the dusty
world to become a hermit and a poet, and in so doing wrote the
intimate and inspired lines that speak to us today

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